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Shower Them with Love: Celebrating a New Life with Flowers

Pain, panic, and an uncontrollable nervousness followed by the cheers and tears of the mother and the whimpering cry of a newborn child and that pale faced and nervous father now breaking out a proud smile and sigh of relief. Every parent knows these feelings, having been through it one or more times as they welcome a new life. Celebrating the Bundle of Joy Once the anxiety ends, the celebration begins. Soon after, family and friends come in droves to see the new bundle of joy and share in the celebration. What better way to say congratulations than with a special gift for the parents, especially if it includes something like flowers that are sure to brighten the sterile hospital room. Here are some ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to a weary mom and dad: Deluxe Tulips fresh from Holland in bright colors like yellow, purple, orange and pink are sure to delight and represent the celebration of new life and friendship. You can get them in bunches of anywhere from 15 to 30 tulips, depending on your budget. A blushing arrangement of various pink flowers is a great way to welcome a baby girl into

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Spring Flower Showcase: Tulips

Spring is well underway with summer just around the corner. This time of year brings beautiful flower choices, including such seasonal favorites as tulips.   One of its best features is that it is available in so many of the brightest colors. And, with such a beautiful form and some that even have a lovely scent, it is no wonder that the tulip is so popular among florists and consumers alike. Our three floral shop locations in San Diego are reporting record orders for tulips this year. All about Tulips The vibrant tulip grows all over the world. In Holland, during the tulip bloom, tourists flock from around the world to see these lovely blooms. But, you may not be familiar with how tulips got their start. The tulip was introduced to the world by an Austrian biologist while the name came from a Turkish word that means turban as their shape somewhat resembles one. These bulbous flowers are associated with the lily family and are considered somewhat of a larger flower with an average of six petals each. There are actually over 100 species of tulips and 3,000 registered varieties that have been catalogued and found from their home in Turkey

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Getting Ready for Prom: Bringing Back the Beauty of Flowers

The world may be changing in many ways – how we dress, how we communicate, what we dance to, etc. – but there are some traditions that still carry on. One of these is Prom, that end-of-the-year dance that becomes an excuse to dress up, make memories, and cut loose after a long, hard year of school. And some of the traditions that go with it are still the same. It’s still about fancy gowns and penguin suits. There are limos and parties. And, of course, every gentleman knows there are flowers. That means you must seek out that beautiful arrangement of flowers and, of course, a fresh corsage that compliments her stunning gown. It’s time to impress her and, more importantly, the parents that will most likely be standing there, staring you down and assessing your worth and your intentions. It’s time to make a great impression – and that might even include bringing your date’s mom a rose or small bouquet of flowers. At least, this might buy you some bonus points and maybe even an extra hour on the clock before having to bring her back home.        How to Pick a Prom Corsage Since girls pretty much

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Make Her Feel Special – There’s Only Week Before Mother’s Day is Here!

This Mother’s Day, show your affection and thanks to the one who has been there through all the scrapes, mishaps, and disappointments and who has cheered you on! Mother’s Day is just around the corner – in seven days actually! There’s still time to get Mom that perfect gift that lets her know just how much she is appreciated for all that she does on your behalf. From flowers to breakfast or a picnic, there are many things you can do for her to say how much you value her help, advice, and even that listening ear. Here are some ideas to wow her on May 13th: Flowers! Who doesn't like flowers? They smell good and they are pleasant on the eyes, and some even seem to brighten up the place. At Allen’s,  we offer a variety of the brightest and most beautiful fresh-cut flowers available. Aren't flowers expensive? If you get her a grand arrangement, they might push your budget, but the value we offer goes beyond a price tag. Plus, we understand the importance of offering prices that fit a wide range of budgets. That’s why we have many flower arrangements on special right now and offer other

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