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Treat Yourself or Someone Else to the Sunny San Diego Flower Arrangement

Summers's here and with it comes brighter days full of sun and warmth. While we have the sun and the beaches in San Diego, we also have the heat to remind us of the season. Though a warm summer day with a nice sea breeze is always something to look forward to, something else to look forward to is all of your friends and coworkers’ summer birthdays. It always seems like birthdays come grouped together, so it can become a bit stressful to recognize them all despite all the party fun that usually comes with them. However, there are some great flower arrangements waiting for you that offer brightness and warmth for all those birthday wishes without breaking the bank! Summer Birthday Flower Arrangements and Goodies Our floral design team across all of our San Diego locations has been busy creating some special summertime floral arrangements dedicated to our loyal San Diego customers and that can offer a way to send the special summer feeling found in San Diego to those unlucky to not live here.    For example, we now offer the Sunny San Diego flower arrangement.  This San Diego inspired floral arrangement is a beautiful, hand cut bouquet that

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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with the Help of Allen's Flowers

Ever find that you are just craving something special, something sweet and different from the usual and repetitive grind of 'breakfast, lunch and dinner? That’s when you suddenly raid the pantry or you local market in search of a succulent chocolate bar or tangy and tart sour candy. If this is you and it happens more than a few times a week or even a day, then chances are you have got yourself quite a sweet tooth. Maybe you aren't the one with as much of a sweet tooth but someone you know is a bona fide junk food junkie. That’s why, come holiday, birthday, or some other special occasion, you can satisfy that craving with a unique gift basket from Allen’s Flowers and Plants! The Junk Food Fantasy Gift Basket This is no fantasy! In fact, the junk food fantasy bucket is real and even available in multiple sizes. You can check it out here and satisfy your own cravings or someone else's unquenchable taste for sweets. Dozens of your favorite candies, cookies, chips and even sodas are available and packed to the brim and overflowing from a beautiful wicker style basket. With sizes that range from a petite, personal

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Come and Join in the Festivities: The Annual San Diego County Fair is Back!

The San Diego County Fair is back, opening this past weekend. This year, the fair has picked an out-of-this-world theme – space – and have included all the galactic adventures that come with it. So, bring your family, your friends, or that special someone for fair fun. Whether you're into the concerts, the various thrilling and fun attractions and exhibits, or there just for the very best fair food, chances are that the San Diego Fair will deliver something you are sure to enjoy! Entertainment on the Schedule From rides to animals, exhibits and so much food, not to mention the 2012 Toyota Concert Series, which brings the best music to San Diego, is on the schedule. The 24-day event is jam-packed with all types of entertainment for the family to enjoy!  Home Exhibits and Seminars The Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show features over 50 exhibits with all things green and colorful. There are also seminars for home and garden care to get your home in shape. Be sure to check out the 'Cosmic Spaces' themed home and garden show. A fine art gallery is also one of the many more 'artistic' displays also including a 'Design in Wood' Exhibit.

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Celebrate June as National Rose Month

Every June, we celebrate the beauty of the magnificent rose as part of a month-long holiday. During this month, we celebrate the history and culture behind the flower’s eternal meaning of love. For centuries, that is what the flower has symbolized. Even in ancient Greece, people believed that the flower was connected to Aphrodite.  Napoleon of France’s own wife adored the flower, growing hundreds of variations of the flower. Speaking of France, they were also the first to bring cultivated roses to our country so that we could enjoy it and grow it here. Thanks to them, June as National Rose Month was born. It’s a Month-Long Holiday! When thinking about how to celebrate, it may not be practical to decide to plant a rose once a day for 30 days.  While those of you with a green thumb that may jump at the chance, others may opt for a different way to celebrate. There are many ways you can show appreciation of the rose, starting with just adding a single rose plant or rose bush to your garden. Not everyone has a garden though, so why not consider ordering a fresh cut dozen with a vase to be used

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