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Welcoming Mom and Baby Home with Flowers and Gifts

A new baby is a beautiful thing, and bringing baby home is one of those memories that will last a lifetime. It’s great to be out of the hospital and home so you can tuck your wee little one into that nursery you’ve been fussing over for months. You know that there will be lots of family and friends to stop by and coo over the new bundle. And, you know that both of you will be tired and even overwhelmed.  Great Gifts To help the new mom, dad and, of course, the baby, the young nubile couple has a lot of new things on their plate, but there are things you can get them to help them along. Flowers and other indoor plants have been proven to promote cleaner air and relieve stress not to mention they had beauty to the home and brighten the atmosphere. Another great gift item to consider when you stop by to see the growing family is gift baskets full of treats, fresh fruit, and snacks and maybe even coffee or tea to help with the lack of sleep. There are also gift baskets with relaxing spa products to help mom get a moment

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Super Star WWE Pro Wrestling Couple Getting Married and Shopping for Flowers at Allen’s Flowers

WWE Pro Wrestler Daniel Bryan and Diva AJ are set to tie the night July 24rd on Raw’s 1,000th episode. Recently, the wrestling couple stopped into the Allen's Flowers & Plants location in downtown San Diego to select their wedding flowers with the help of Allen's owner, Brad Levy and his wedding planning team.   Daniel is a wrestling pro with decades of experience across many continents and often incorporates Japanese and American styles into his fighting technique.  He has won many prizes and established himself within WWE. Diva AJ has also spent many years in the wrestling ring, and the impending nuptials will mean a whole different level of rings for the couple. Allen's Flowers has a great selection of wedding arrangements, and they can also custom design table centerpieces and more so these two high-profile wrestling stars were sure to find something that suited their individual style. Check out the video below as well! Be sure to tune into the 1,000th episode to see what they selected for the big day!

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Proudly Serving San Diego for Over 30 Years

If you have used us before, you have come to realize that, at Allen's Flowers and Plants ,we strive to be the very best and bring you only the highest quality and freshest cut flora available. Dealing directly with the flower and plant growers of Southern California to ensure we get only the best and freshest cuts for our valued customers is part of our long-standing family tradition and hallmark of our business.    With five locations sprawling throughout the San Diego area of Southern California, one of the locations we are very proud to serve is the beautiful, idyllic area of Coronado, California. For 30 years, we have been serving this community, including residents and businesses. Same-Day Service We live in it ‘want it now’ society where everyone is accustomed to instant service. With such busy lives, it is understandable that, when we get calls or online orders for flowers, flower arrangements, plants and gift baskets, the request is always ‘as soon as possible,’ ‘yesterday,’ or ‘now.’ Often, with flowers, it is a spontaneous decision or hectic lives have led to us forgetting a very important birthday or anniversary. To save face, customers turn to florists like us to see

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Some History, Some Fun, and Some Pop Culture: It’s Hot Dog Month!

They say America's favorite pastime is baseball and we can certainly see why. After all, they serve hot dogs there. Everybody (other than vegans who might also consider a vegan hot dog for that matter) loves hotdogs. It's the family fun food for adults and children alike. During the summer it is the most eaten food. Pan fried, boiled and, of course, barbequed, there are many ways to eat them and many more ways to dress them. Ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, salt, pepper and even bacon -- with hotdogs the possibilities are endless, making them the perfect food for any and all summer cookouts. This month, the hot dog is honored the whole month long across the U.S. during hot dog month. A Hot Dog History Everyone’s favorite mystery meat has an origin story and no it's not from a dog’s tail. In reality, the name was thought up by a comic artist in 1901. After finding it difficult to spell 'dachshund Sausage,’ he called them hot dogs instead, and the name stuck.  The Family Favorite The hot dog is loved by many, but many are not sure exactly what’s in a hot dog. In the past, it was scraped

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Allens Flowers for San Diego's Best Florist

Anytime before July 3, 2012, we, at Allens Flowers, ask you to vote for us to be San Diego's best Florist so that we can continue on with our tradition of being the best in the city and maybe all of Southern California. For years, we have strived to bring you all the freshest cut and most beautiful flower arrangements in all of Southern California. Now we hope that you all can remember to help us help you by voting us to be San Diego's best. About Us Our founders opened their first flower stand back in 1980 on a corner in El Cajon and from that minute the outdoor flower stand evolved a business.  Now, with shops in three cities and a place on the top 100 florists in the country, it is clear that we still take the same care as our founders did when selecting only the freshest and best quality flowers to cut, arrange, and sell. We have been on the list of the top 100 florists of America for the past four years now. The award is one of the most distinctive of its kind. With 36,000 florists competing every year, it really means something

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