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The Sweetest Day of the Year

The Sweetest Day is a day about being kind to those less fortunate, being sweet just to be sweet. The Sweetest Day is celebrated the 3rd Saturday of October, but do we really need a designated day to show some kindness? At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we hope that it isn’t the case. After all, we believe that, while a designated day of being sweet is just the right medicine for the world, all of us as a whole should at least try to make a difference and make a stranger smile today or tomorrow and perhaps everyday this year. A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way The Sweetest Day was started in the 1920s, and it was celebrated by the committee who started it that handed out thousands of candies and sweets to those less fortunate. Over the years, it has evolved some into a holiday about giving a little something to those you love in an effort to show them just how much they mean to you. So, this sweetest day or any day really, a little something for someone special can really brighten their days. Because the truth is we never really know how a little kindness

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Spooky San Diego Events

A lot comes with October -- there is, of course, Halloween and all the spooky fun that brings. Fall is in full season with the breeze and the dead leaves. The days are shorter and the nights longer -- just another great reason to have some great plans for the month. Luckily for those of you in the San Diego area and those looking for a getaway that’s not so far away, San Diego is quite the bustling city with lots of fantastic things to do. Some Great Haunts in San Diego With the celebration of Halloween being just a short couple of weeks away, the annual 29-day event, The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park, is already underway in Balboa Park. This spooky event is being put on by The Haunted Hotel and they are promising a stroll through the world of nightmares. It’s a place where heroes hide in fear of what lurks in the dark and where your guide is your lifeline. You don’t want to get lost in those woods. Thrill seekers, horror buffs, and people just out looking for a good time should be sure to check out The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park this Halloween.

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Take Her to the Homecoming Dance

Fall is finally here. Can’t you feel it in the air? There are some obvious changes that indicate fall’s presence like shorter days and the changing colors to the leaves.   Other changes have been that the new season of football has arrived and some of the public’s favorite television shows, too. What else comes with fall though besides a plethora of birthdays and holidays? The Homecoming dance and game, of course! Homecoming Most of you probably have hands-on experience with the events of Homecoming, a school holiday and festival of sorts that often lasts more than just the evening of the dance and game. In fact, many schools celebrate Homecoming ‘week’ as it really does signify the return of students and teachers to the school for hopefully another great year. The main event is obviously the game and, of course, the dance (surely the ladies and gentlemen will argue about which is truly more important). However, the game and the dance are not the only things that go on during Homecoming week. The week is most often a school spirit week and with that each day has a dress up theme from crazy hair to pajamas. Schools will also sometimes

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Plan Your Perfect Wedding with the Right Flowers: A Beautiful Wedding

Recently, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we put together an elegant wedding for a lovely couple who hosted their wedding south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico. Our floral specialists strived to arrange the freshest roses, hydrangea, and tulips into splendid bouquets and eye-popping arrangements that were used on the reception tables and as decorations throughout the event. It was a truly elegant white wedding The wedding party was held at a private residence in Mexico, which was decorated by our class act team of floral specialists. They did their very best to take the bride and groom’s vision of a perfect day and turn that into a reality. Thousands of roses were used and then complemented by hundreds of the hydrangea and tulips when creating the ceremony grounds and after party. The best part though is that at Allen’s Flowers and Plants we specialize in bringing couple’s wedding dreams to life and making them a reality. Envision Your Perfect Day Once you have some ideas about how you want your wedding to look, let us turn it into something perfect and meant for just you and your love. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we not only specialize in floral

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