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The Proper Gift for a Holiday Host or Holiday Hostess

Chances are this holiday season you will find yourself at a holiday party or two -- maybe more. These parties, whether mature and classy or with endings that mirror a crazy night, had a host or hostess that put a lot of thought and effort into the event. Whether it is a group or individual who slaved away for hours in an attempt to make everything perfect and right at their holiday party, if you have already gone or have yet to go, then be sure to find a way to thank them properly. There are many ways to do this though most typically one brings a gift of sorts to the party for the host or hostess. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we have a few of the perfect gifts in mind. Selecting the Right Gift You don’t want to come off wrong when giving a gift to a host or hostess. For the hostess, the gift should not be intimate but more of something along the lines of casual. We’ve put together a few good host or hostess gift ideas below to make it a bit easier for you: Wine is a fine gift and can be quite

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The Allen’s Flowers and Plants Holiday Sale

Christmas is just around the corner and soon after will be the New Year. If you have yet to begin your holiday shopping or still have a few last minute gift shopping trips to make, why not pay a visit to San Diego’s finest florist, Allen’s Flowers and Plants? You will see that we have stocked up for the holidays with always local and always fresh flowers.  And, the best part is that most everything in the store and on our website is part of our annual holiday sale. It’s a jolly time of year for our holiday sale. With the Allen’s Flowers and Plants Holiday sale, you can take up to 20% off not some, but most all of our bouquets, arrangements, and gift baskets. Christmas shopping has never been so easy before this year. Let Allen’s Flowers and Plants take care of all your gift shopping needs with ease. Gifts for Everyone You Know Men and women, young and old, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, you will find that we literally have something for everyone -- flowers for mom, a living green plant for dad, and a basket for everyone in the workplace. It’s true that the gift

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Hanukkah Flowers, Plants, Gifts and Traditions

The Hanukkah holiday celebration is here and many families all over the country are gathering in fellowship to celebrate the miracle of the Menorah. This celebration will go on for eight whole days in remembrance of the story of the miracle of the lighting of the Menorah in the Jewish temple. They had found only a small amount of oil, but the Menorah burned on for eight whole days an event that marked the start of Hanukkah. Flowers for Hanukkah Secularly, Hanukkah is compared to Christmas and often gifts are given during the celebration -- sometimes gifts are actually exchanged every single day over the eight day period of the holiday. So this Hanukkah holiday, why not celebrate with the gift of flowers or a gift basket? At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we offer the most vibrant and truly delightful flowers in all of Southern California. We have everything from amazingly colorful and fresh bouquets to some of the most beautifully designed arrangements one could ever dream of. If flowers are not what you are looking for, we also offer a variety of green plants that are so fresh they are alive not to mention that these types of plants

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Covering Your Holiday Decorating This Spirited Season

The holidays are a time of great festivities and whether you go at them alone or with the family and friends doesn’t change the fact that everyone at least to some degree gets into the holiday spirit. Whether you want to break away into something new or are a slave to the family traditions, it doesn’t matter. When you decorate this year, remember that San Diego’s best florist has you covered for all of your decorating needs, including Christmas flowers, Christmas flowering plants, Christmas centerpieces, and fresh garlands and wreaths. Decorating on a Budget Who isn’t decorating on a budget these days? Take a look at our economy and its obvious why couponing has become so popular. Well, we have a few great decorating tips that shouldn’t cost you more than a dime and some time. If you have kids, know that these decorations make great crafts, too. You may remember popcorn strings from when you were a kid. It involves stringing popcorn on thread like a bead and making what looks like snowflakes on the Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas trees, why not make your own ornaments? With Christmas colored construction paper and some paint, crayons, or markers, you

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