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Same-Day Delivery This Valentine's Day for San Diego Residents!

Valentine’s Day is often called the most romantic day of the year and this year it falls on a Thursday. At Allen’s Flowers and Plant’s, we realize that many of you will be working on Valentine’s Day since it falls in the midst of the work week. That is why we would like to inform everyone in the San Diego area that here at Allen’s Flowers and Plants we offer same day delivery to the San Diego area on all of our Valentine’s Day gifts. That’s right, if you are working and worried about how your Valentine’s Day gift might get to your loved one at the right time, you can count on all of our locations throughout Sand Diego to deliver. Our Valentine’s Day Flower and Gift Delivery System At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we offer same day delivery on practically all products in the store or from our online selection. Our only real requirement is that the location in which we are delivering must be in the San Diego area because our hardworking employees are actually hand delivering our exquisite floral creations. That’s right, when you order through Allen’s Flowers and Plants, you can expect great handling and

Valentine’s Day: Out with Old Ideas, In with New Gift Ideas

San Diego residents and those just passing through, look no further than florist you voted best in San Diego this year. When it comes to Valentine’s Day needs, both big and small, we have it all. These days, it is getting harder and harder to think of something original or romantic for Valentine’s Day, especially if you have been with your loved one for a good many years.  Don’t worry, though, as we’ve stocked all our stores with fresh flowers, plants, and great gifts to show your loved one that you still have some tricks up your sleeve! Endless Gift Ideas The date is a very important part of any Valentine’s Day; however, the gift is also pretty important, too. When it comes to gifts on Valentine’s Day, there are typically three types:  flowers, candies, and some type of cuddly and stuffed animal like a teddy bear, kitty, or puppy with a heart or some sweet sentiment. We’ve got something in all of those categories but also many more of these items as well as balloons and cards not to mention special gift baskets with spa items, coffees, gourmet food and fresh fruit. Valentine’s Day Flowers We are a florist,

Celebrating the Most Romantic Day in Style: A Valentine’s Day to Remember

Valentine’s Day is coming. Now, you guys might be out there thinking, What’s the rush as it’s practically a month away? You should probably know that many florists sell out the week of Valentine’s Day and sometimes even earlier than that! Not to mention that all the best date night spots will be booked up weeks in advance. Don’t worry too much though because your friends at Allen’s Flowers and Plants are here to help you plan early! The Gift Comes First If you and your significant other have come up with some kind of arrangement and claim you are not exchanging gifts this year.(Saving money is a common excuse), please toss that idea out the window. Here’s why. Many times people will say that only to wind up purchasing or making a gift in the end and then discover that the other has stuck to the rule. It can be awkward. So getting him or her something special is always a great idea. Roses are a gift for the ages. They are a timeless classic that never gets old and is always beautiful. At Allen’s Flower Market, our 24-inch stem roses are a great example of this beauty. Our 24-inch

Treat Your Valentine to Unparalleled Quality Bouquets, Floral Arrangements, and Gifts

We have been voted San Diego’s best florist for the third year in a row now, and this speaks to the quality of all the flowers, flowering plants, bouquets and gifts we offer at each of our locations throughout San Diego. Every year since our inception in 1980, we have strived our very hardest to bring you nothing but the very best in floral arrangements, flowering plants and plants, and gifts. It is great to see that for three years now, our fine city of San Diego has considered us to be their very best florist and so we ask you. Do you not want anything but the best for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Well, look no further than Allen’s Flowers and Plants. Whether online or in store one thing is for sure:  We have the very best in selection, quality, and price for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. This Valentine’s Day give your valentine something that truly stands out, such as a beautiful bouquet or arrangement from your local flower shop. When you shop locally, you do a lot more good than just the good of giving a gift. You stimulate the local economy and in