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Sunday, August 4th is Friendship Day!

Just around the corner is a special day to recognize all the friends in your life. That’s right, there is a special day each year to commemorate them and let them know you appreciate all that they do as your friend. This blog post provides some background on Friendship Day as well as gives you some ideas from our extensive collection of flower arrangements, plants, and gifts that you may want to gift to all your near (and not so near) and dear friends. All about Friendship Day Also known as International Friendship Day and celebrated since 1958 when it was started in Paraguay, this special day is recognized in the United States on the first Sunday in August. It gained interest thanks to the greeting card companies as a way to honor friends. The first time Friendship Day was celebrated in the U.S. was around 1935 although it was introduced a few years earlier by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. Despite being promoted by a card company, Friendship Day is focused on quality time with friends, sharing those moments and traits that led you to become friends in the first place. Gift Ideas for Friendship Day That

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Allen’s Flowers & Plants Helps the Community with the Helping Hands Program

As a long-standing member of the San Diego community, we spend a lot of time and money on giving back to the local area and to those who need help. Now, we are offering a program that helps the community further because it gets each one of our customers involved in making a donation with a simple online form to designate who should get a percentage of each purchase. About Helping Hands and How it Works This fundraising program is easy to use and makes an incredible difference for those in our local San Diego community. With each order made online for flowers, plants, or gifts, a donation can be made by selecting the Helping Hands pull down menu on the order form and simply choosing which organization receives your donation. The fundraising program is available on orders that you make for San Diego delivery as well as for those flowers delivered around the country and even across the globe. Who it Helps The online fundraising program helps a number of San Diego schools, San Diego churches and San Diego non-profit organizations located in La Mesa County and San Diego County. Those that are already enrolled in our Helping Hands

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The Larkspur – July’s Flower

Just like birthstones, there are certain flowers that are attributed to certain months of the year. The month of July is represented by the Larkspur. This blog post provides some background information about the larkspur and offers some floral arrangements that feature this beautiful July flower. All about the Larkspur Here are some interesting facts to help you get to know the Larkspur: It is a member of the buttercup family. These complex flowers come in a multitude of colors, including red, pink, white, blue, and violet. They are irregularly shaped and bloom in vertical groupings with petals and sepals. Their tall spikes make them a popular choice for cut flower arrangements. These are fragile, short-lived flowers when kept in a vase. The Larkspur plant is actually toxic with stems and seeds that contain alkaloids. Larkspur Flower Arrangements Our floral design team at each of our San Diego flower shops loves to use the Larkspur in their floral designs. Here are some of our favorite flower arrangements with Larkspur: Garden Celebration: This abundant and colorful flower arrangement looks like a garden in full bloom. It is bursting with two feet of fresh flowers, including pink lilies, light purple lisianthus, purple

Metropolitan Designs: Sophisticated and Exotic Flower Arrangements

 The very word, metropolitan, calls to mind an air of sophistication, elegance, and sublime beauty. And, that’s exactly what our floral design team has in mind when they are creating our line of Metropolitan flower arrangements. This blog post introduces you to this artistic style that we feature at all our locations in San Diego as well as online through our website. Metropolitan Flower Designs The focus of these flower designs is to offer something truly unique not seen among other flower arrangements created by Southern California florists. The Metropolitan flower design collection includes some of the world’s most beautiful flowers, including calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids, lilacs and tulips. These contemporary flower arrangements offer a wide range of looks – from very modern to the beloved traditional flower arrangement. The flower arrangements start at $40 and are available for same-day flower delivery to anywhere in the United States. That’s because we work within a network of florists who share our passion for elevated floral design, fresh flowers, and exceptional value. To give you a feel for the variety and diversity within our Metropolitan flower design collection, here are a few examples: Frais Du Jardin: French for “fresh from

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