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Autumn has Arrived Along with a Bountiful Fall Flower Selection

Summer is already gone and autumn has arrived – on September 22nd to be precise. And, we were already for the changing of the seasons by stocking up on fall flowers, fall flower arrangements, and fall plants. We’d like to share some of our newest fall flower arrangements. More are currently in the works thanks to our exceptional floral design team located at each of our San Diego flower shop locations. The Latest and Greatest Fall Flower Arrangements We love showing off our floral designs, so here are a few of our newest fall flower designs and autumn flower arrangements: Autumn Nights: This is a bold, yet crisp, floral arrangement that reflects the changing temperatures and colors of the season. It features orange and red roses along with Asiatic lilies and oak leaves in a sleek glass vase. Fall for San Diego: This fall flower arrangement provides a great overview of the abundance that fall brings in the form of flowers, including roses, sunflowers, lilies, daisy poms and dried oak leaves, which are hand arranged and placed in a glass vase that is tied with raffia. Fall Luxury: To be luxurious does not always require a grand size as this

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Top Selling Floral Arrangements at Your Fingertips!

Everyone has too much to do and it feels like not enough time to do it, so if there are shortcuts or time-savers, all of us pretty much love them. We love seeing our customers come visit any one of our San Diego locations, but we also realize that they cannot always come in, browse, and buy their flower arrangements and gifts. That’s why we created a comprehensive website to help our San Diego customers and even those beyond those borders to quickly and easily buy fresh, beautiful flowers, floral arrangements, plants, and gifts. Of course, you can use our great search features on our website to shop by price, flower type, and occasion. Flower Bestsellers Even better is that as soon as you open our website – whether it’s on your computer, tablet or smartphone – you will see a wide range of flower bouquets and floral arrangements that are our best sellers --- the ones we sell the most of both in our San Diego flower shops and online. Right now, our home page has 12 stunning flower arrangements available as our bestsellers with a wide range of prices, sizes, colors, and flower varieties to fit everyone’s budget

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Grandparents Day is September 8th

This Sunday is National Grandparents Day on September 8th.  It is a great day to spend with your grandparents or to let them know in some other special way just how much you love and respect them. This blog post provides some background on how Grandparents Day got started and offers up some great ideas to celebrate this special day of honor. Grandparents Day History National Grandparent’s Day was started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade in 1970 and became a national holiday to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor by 1978. The purpose of Grandparents Day has always been about loving and honoring grandparents as well as remembering that they are an excellent source of knowledge, information, and experience for grandchildren. This could not be more true in a day and age when grandparents are often more involved than ever with their grandchildren, helping to serve as a care provider when both parents work. Celebrating Grandparents Day There are many great ways to celebrate Grandparents Day. What you choose to do may involve geography and the preference of your grandparents. However, we have provided a list of ideas here to get you started on your celebration: Take them

Celebrating the Jewish Holy Days

This year, the Jewish holy days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, fall on September 5-6 and September 14th, respectively. For the Jewish New Year, Jews celebrate Rosh Hashana starting at sunset on Wednesday, September 4th. Rosh Hashana The Jewish New Year occurs during the first two days of the Hebrew month known as Tishrei and is actually one of four Jewish New Years on the Hebrew calendar. As the start of the High Holy Days, Rosh Hashana, it marks the completion of the creation of the world and has been labeled as the day of judgment. This is a special day where Jews gather in synagogues and participate in extended services. It is during this time that they hear a spiritual call to repent and think about what they have done and what they can do to be more spiritual in their lives. Many delicious foods are also consumed on Rosh Hashanah, including raisin challah, honey cakes, and apples with honey. Yom Kippur Ten days after the Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur follows as the day of atonement where. During those 10 days, Jews have an opportunity to repent of their sins and ensure that