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Plan a Holiday Party with Allen’s Flowers and Plants

This is the time of year for lots of parties and events to celebrate Christmas with colleagues and clients as well as with friends and family. From corporate Christmas parties to ugly Christmas sweater parties with friends, there is a lot of festivities going on that makes for a very merry few weeks. However, if you are in charge of Christmas party planning, you may be in midst panic right now, trying to figure out how to pull off a fun Christmas party. We’re here to help make sure your Christmas party planning is easy, fun, and affordable. Here are some tips and information on our party planning services. Holiday Party Planning Tips Here are some things to think about when planning the perfect party for Christmas that will keep you organized, on budget, and on schedule: Have you picked a date and location? This is an important starting point and may depend on work and life schedules as well as event location availability and costs. If you are renting a venue, it will be more affordable and likely available if you plan a few weeks before or after Christmas. Be flexible! Have you decided on a theme? Decide if

Remember to Thank All Those Who Helped You This Year!

Sometimes, during the Christmas season, we are so focused on the gifts for our immediate family members and friends that we forget to include all those other important people that helped us throughout the year in various ways. Now is the time to make that gift list for those special people like clients, teachers, and service people like the gardener, pool technician, and mail delivery person. This is the perfect time of year to show them how much they are appreciated and how much you know they do for you the whole year around. Holiday Gift Ideas for All Those Special People Allen’s Flowers and Plants has a wide range of gift ideas that will help you wrap up all your thank you gifts for clients, teachers, and service people that help you out every day of the year: Poinsettias are a great gift idea for anyone as it helps celebrate the holidays, says thanks, and offers a beautiful way to decorate their own home, classroom, or office for Christmas. A Christmas centerpiece makes a nice gift because it helps others decorate their own holiday table and provides a visual reminder throughout the holiday about how much you appreciate them.

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Poinsettia Day is December 12

While you may connect poinsettias with Christmas, you may not realize that there is an official Poinsettia Day in December on December 12th that recognizes this beautiful symbol of Christmas. This blog post offers some information on Poinsettia Day and provides you with information on this year’s poinsettia collection at Allen’s Flowers and Plants. About Poinsettia Day The reason that Poinsettia Day is celebrated on December 12th each year is because this is the date that Joe Roberts Poinsett died. He was an American botanist, minister to Mexico, and physician who discovered the poinsettia plan in Southern Mexico in 1828 and sent it back to his home in Charleston, South Carolina. This special day was created in 2002 by the House of Representatives to also honor Paul Ecke, Jr. who is considered to be the founder of the poinsettia industry because he discovered how to cause the poinsettia seedlings to branch and grow. Today, the Ecke ranch in Encinitas, California continues to promote and grow the poinsettia plan, which has become known as a beloved symbol of Christmas. It is now a popular blooming plant that is displayed around the world during the holidays in both its red and white

Celebrating Hanukkah in San Diego

Hanukkah started on Wednesday, November 27th at sundown and will continue for eight days and nights as part of the Jewish Festival of Lights, ending on the evening of Thursday, December 5th. Here, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we have a beautiful selection of flowers to set the Hanukkah table or decorate the home for this special celebration. Hanukkah Flower Arrangements Here are some of our special Hanukkah arrangements available at all of our San Diego locations as well as available for order through our online flower shop: Hanukkah Orchids: This stunning arrangement features 10 blue orchids with lily glass hand arranged in a tall gem-filled glass vase. Hanukkah Peonies and Tulips: This is a unique Hanukkah arrangement that is filled with light blue hydrangea as well as white roses, tulips, and peonies in a glass vase. The vase has been decorated with blue glass ornaments and holiday branches. Waves of Blue: Sure to stand out on the Hanukkah table, this floral arrangement has white miniature callas, blue hydrangea, and white hydrangea surrounded by greenery and arranged in a blue contemporary glass cube vase. Beautiful Blue: A dramatic arrangement for Hanukkah, the flowers featured here include blue hydrangea, cream-colored roses,

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