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March 30th is National Doctor’s Day

A special day is coming up to celebrate that you may not know much about. It’s called National Doctor’s Day and it is celebrated every March 30th in recognition of the contribution that physicians have made for caring for those in physical need. It was first observed on March 30, 1933 in Georgia. The wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond decided that there should be a special day in honor of physicians. The celebration included sending cards of thanks to doctors and placing flowers on the grave sites of those doctors who had died.  In 1958, it was adopted as a special day and it was made into a national special day in 1990. This is a day that you can also take to thank your physician or a doctor who may be a family member or friend as well. It is important to recognize that they have a challenging job and often work tirelessly to help others – whether it is to diagnose a problem, deliver a baby, or even save a life. To help celebrate this special day, we have a wide range of flowers and gifts that you can send to celebrate National Doctors Day. Here are

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First Day of Spring and Proposal Day are Both on March 20th!

Not only is the first day of spring coming up on March 20th, but it is also Proposal Day. Both celebrations call for flowers, and we have a fresh arrival of spring flowers to add to the celebration. Proposal Day First, you may have not heard of Proposal Day, but it is a day intended for making proposals. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is a marriage proposal and that is certainly the most common action to celebrate this day. However, other proposals may be used as well so it could be proposal to be boyfriend and girlfriend or proposal to do something fun. It’s up to you! However, to make it more convincing, you may want to consider picking up a beautiful flower arrangement or spring flower bouquet. This could help seal the deal! Well, some nice jewelry could help too! First Day of Spring With spring just days away, we already have received large shipments of spring flowers from our trusted local, domestic, and international flower farm partners, including tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilacs and more. All of our San Diego flower shop locations are already taking orders for spring weddings, spring events like bridal and baby

Plant a Flower Day is March 12th!

One of our favorite celebrations is just around the corner. That’s Plant a Flower Day on March 12th. Being in the flower business, we believe in the importance and value of sustaining our natural resources by continuing to plant so we can always enjoy these beautiful aspects of nature. The day is meant to remind people of the need to keep planting and taking care of flowers by planting flowers in your own garden or by helping out in a community garden. Participating in this day is a great way to help the Earth and give back while also enjoying a fulfilling hobby outdoors in the beautiful San Diego sunshine. We want to make sure that flowers will always be here for us, so that is why we work with flower farmers that are very conscious of what they do in terms of replanting and continually tending to the various flower varieties to make sure they will always be there for future generations to enjoy. If you cannot participate in Plant a Flower Day, you can pick a different day to plant flowers in your garden or even start a garden if you do not yet have one. It’s a

Employee Appreciation Day is March 7th

On the first Friday of every March, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated, honoring employees all over the world for their skill, talent, and knowledge and recognizing the important role they play in making their company or organization such a success. There are many ways to celebrate this day and make it part of your overall rewards and recognition program to keep employees motivated and satisfied.  While you can plan lunches and incentives, we also have some great ideas for gifts that your employees can enjoy. Flowers We offer an incredible selection of flowers that you can use for Employee Appreciation Day to decorate their offices or to take home and enjoy. To make it even easier, we offer a number of ways to search for the flowers that your employees may enjoy, including by flower type, color, and price. Since Employee Appreciation Day is close to the arrival of spring, we have a wide array of spring favorites arriving now, including lilacs, tulips, and more. Many of our flowers are also on sale right now, including the stunning lilacs we have available from our lilac farm partner in nearby Julian. Plants We also have an extensive collection of green plants

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