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Enjoy Tropical Flowers This Summer

Tropical flowers add an exotic touch to any celebration, whether it is a gift or an event like a wedding. In the midst of hot and humid weather, now is the time to enjoy tropical flowers like these from our collection: LA JOLLA TROPICS Bottom of Form This arrangement includes towering birds of paradise, yellow oncidium orchids, intriguing heliconia, fred ginger and a creative variety of foliage. This is a true tropical masterpiece that reflects vibrant tropical locations. THE CITY SLICKER This unique floral design can reflect just how important you feel about someone very special because it is truly unique and breathtaking. TROPICAL BLISS Send someone special an authentic taste of the tropics with this vibrantly hued exotic design that contains orchids, birds of paradise, protea, hydrangea, anthurium and more within a vase filled with seashells. ALLEN'S ZEN Go Zen with this tropical arrangement of purple dendrobium orchids, green carnations, dark pink Sweet William, emerald palm leaf and other tropical greens that have been arranged in a square bright green-colored container. DENDROBIUM ORCHID VASE A crystal clear triangular vase sets off these sweet orchids and creates a special look for a special person. RANCHO SANTA FE MODERN This stunning

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Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer to Brighten Your Personal Space

Flowers bring the beauty of nature indoors and provide an affordable way to change up your décor and brighten a personal space whether it is an apartment or house. Indoor or outdoor spaces can benefit from the addition of fresh cut flowers. And, the better you care for them, the longer these flowers will last as décor. Here are some great tips to follow: Pick a Great Source for Fresh Cut Flowers While there are some cheap online sites for flowers, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies as most of these flowers are not fresh and sometimes are even dead on arrival. Pick a source that you know you can trust for freshness and that guarantees that level of quality whether you come and pick them up or you have them delivered. Starting out with the freshest flowers gives you a better chance of enjoying them for as long as possible.  Feed, Water, and Clean Then it’s up to you to feed, water, and clean them regularly. When you bring them home, you will want to make sure you have flower food that dissolves in the water. This helps nourish the flowers while also reducing

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Gerbera Daisies are a Favorite Summer Flower

One of our favorite summer flowers among staff and customers is the gerbera daisy because its bright coloring reflects the season. Here we provide a little background on this flower variety and introduce you to some of our best flower arrangements that feature this stunning flower. All about Gerbera Daisies The Gerbera Daisy is also known as the African Daisy since it is native to South Africa. However, it is grown in North America as well. The name for the flower is thought to come from the 18th-century German naturalist, Traugott Gerber. Known as herbaceous perennials, these flower have large blooms with yellow central disks. The petals are often red, orange, or yellow, but you can find other colors like pink, white, and violet. They can reach just over one foot in height. For indoor care, gerbera daisies will bloom for approximately four to six weeks with proper care. They should be placed in a sunny window and watered thoroughly. Like all flowers, make sure not to overwater. Our Gerbera Daisy Collection Be sure the view our selection of these bright and bold flowers that are perfect for any occasion – from a gift to an event. Here are some

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Flowers & Gifts for July Special Days

While you may have your own special days this month, including birthdays or anniversaries, to celebrate, there may be a few more that you didn’t realize come this month. Here are three special days related to family that you may want to consider for a flower arrangement, plant, or gift. Cousin’s Day Celebrate all your cousins on this day. It is celebrated on July 24th and is a way to recognize that special family bond that you have that feels like sisters and brothers but probably without the fights! As special members of the family they are often close in age to you so there is more in common with each other to enjoy holidays or vacations together. Aunt & Uncle Day Celebrate your parents’ siblings on July 26th. They are very often an extra set of parents for you or a mentor to go to when you couldn’t talk to your parents. They are often older around your parents’ age and can provide great advice with their knowledge and experience. Father-in-Law Day Celebrate your bonus dad on July 30th with a special gift of thanks for all that they did to raise your spouse to be a great partner.

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