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Create Special Spring Centerpieces for Palm Sunday and Easter

Palm Sunday is March 29th followed a week later by Easter Sunday. This is a special time to reflect on renewal and prepare for new growth during the new season. Flowers serve as a great reminder of this time of renewal and rebirth. They are a beautiful way to decorate your home. One way you can decorate for these two special spring events is to create spring floral centerpieces. Here are some ideas on making some beautiful spring floral centerpieces: Take advantage of all the various types of spring flowers now available as well as utilize greenery or green plants to add depth and interest. Make a row of floral centerpieces in empty eggshells and ceramic egg cups. Use various baskets that you may have around the house to arrange spring flowers. Get creative with your containers, including using a watering can, glass compotes, and various ceramic bowls and dishes. Add Easter motifs like Easter eggs or spring motifs like butterflies to your flower arrangement. There is no hard and fast rules to creating a floral centerpiece. It should just be a reflection of you and your décor so that it enhances the mood and environment during this special spring

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Celebrating the Arrival of Spring with Farm Fresh Flowers

Spring has officially arrived in San Diego and we are enjoying glorious weather throughout the County. What better way to toast the beginning of this season of renewal than to enjoy some spring flowers? Of course, like every season of the year, this spring is also filled with birthdays, anniversaries, and new babies as well as special events like baby showers, bridal showers, spring parties, and spring weddings all of which can be enhanced by spring flowers and the artistry of our floral design teams at each of our San Diego flower shop locations. We’ve got a whole new fresh collection of flower arrangements for you to enjoy this spring, including those with favorite spring flowers like tulips, hydrangea, roses and more. We feature fresh lilacs from nearby Julian as well as other local flowers from our sustainable flower farm partners. We also offer custom spring flower as well as hydrangea plants and other blooming plants, succulent plants, orchid plants, green plants, and Easter gift baskets. Our flower and gift delivery service includes all of the San Diego area as well as the country and world. Order now to take advantage of great prices and to ensure arrival for that

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Share the Beauty of Tulips on Plant a Flower Day

As a florist, we not only love flowers, but we also appreciate where they come and recognize the importance of giving back to make sure there are plenty of flowers for future generations. All of our flower farm partners are committed to sustainable farming practices to minimize the use of natural resources and maintain the delicate balance found in our eco-system. Helping Sustain Flowers You can do your part this Thursday, March 12th on Plant a Flower Day. Whether you work in your own garden, planting seeds and planting flowers or you go volunteer in a community garden found throughout San Diego or you go enjoy the blooms at local parks throughout San Diego, take time on this special day to recognize the value of flowers and the responsibility we have to make sure they are here for future generations to enjoy. Send Farm Fresh Tulips on Plant a Flower Day While there are all kinds of flowers that make a great choice for Plant a Flower Day, such as daffodils, roses, orchids, lilies, and more, we’d like to focus on tulips. They’ve just recently arrived in our San Diego flower shops, signaling the start of spring. Our farm fresh

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Flower and Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day and International Working Women’s Day

This week offers two ways to let those talented people in your life know that you appreciate and value their efforts. First, there is Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 6th followed by International Working Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th. These special days honor others and help to motivate and inspire through a positive approach to other people’s contributions to work, life, and society. While it’s nice to tell these special people how great they are, it’s even better to give them something that shows how you feel. To help you celebrate these two special days, here are some floral ideas to get you started on what is available to show your appreciation, including a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and, of course, prices. La Jolla Elegance comes in a tall glass vase and offers a unique hand arranged variety of white callas, white hydrangea, and green cymbidium orchids. It’s breathtaking! Prestige is a luxurious flower arrangement that includes such premium flowers as tulips, hydrangea, roses, and oncidium orchids. Bronze Calla Lily shines with bold colors as these miniature bronze calla lilies with equisetum stalks are arranged in a square glass vase. Del Mar Sunset offers a stunning

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