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Make a Difference in Your San Diego Community

There are always opportunities to contribute to your local community and get involved in community events and fundraisers. However, Make a Difference Day on October 21st is a good way to get motivated to stop what you are doing and go help someone else through volunteering or contributing in a financial way. Throughout San Diego, there are events on Make a Difference Day as well as over the coming days after the day like planting trees in Chula Vista or participating in a 5K run where you can give your time or money to better someone else’s lives plus just enhance the community where you live or work. Throughout the course of our existence as a family-owned flower shop in San Diego, we have contributed to charities and participated in numerous events as well as encouraged our customers to do the same. For many years, we have also offered the Helping Hands program, which is an easy way for our customer to get involved and help a local charity with every purchase they make through our online flower shop. The program helps numerous schools, churches, and non-profit organizations in La Mesa County, such as Emerald Middle School PTSA, Solana Highlands

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Gift Ideas for Special Day in October

Besides Halloween, the month of October has a few special days that you will want to plan for. There’s the Sweetest Day on October 15th, Bosses Day on October 16th, and Mother-in-Law Day on October 23rd. Here are some gift ideas we have put together to help you pick out something special whether they are here in San Diego or across the country. Sweetest Day We have a range of sweet floral arrangements that are sure to celebrate this special day. Great Gerberas is a colorful display of gerbera daisies in a range of colors arranged in an inspiration vase. Rainbow Sorbet offers vibrant colors like orange and pink roses, blue and green hydrangea, and hot pink gerbera daisies. Peachy Keen is a stunning flower arrangement with dahlias, gerbera daisies, and other blooms along with greenery accents. Bosses Day Allen’s Snack Attack Crate features both sweet and savory snacks along with a colorful pave arrangement with half a dozen of premium roses within a wooden crate. Mood for Autumn contains orange roses, exotic cymbidium blooms, yellow mini ross, and succulent cuts.  Mother-in-Law Day Show your mother-in-law that you care with any one of these incredible flower arrangements. Symphony has an

It’s Homecoming Time in San Diego!

Our San Diego area high schools are ready to welcome back alumni from all previous years as well as celebrate a new school year topped off with a special homecoming dance and football game. This is a memorable occasion for all high school students who get to don their best dresses and finest tuxes as well as crown a homecoming king and queen, win the football game, and enjoy a fun time filled with a parade and other festivities. To help you get ready, consider us your source for homecoming flowers in San Diego. Our San Diego flower shop locations offer all types of corsages, boutonnieres, homecoming court flowers, homecoming dance floral decorations or homecoming flowers for floats. These homecoming flowers are made to match your school colors or coordinate with your homecoming outfits. We have numerous examples of stunning homecoming corsages, including those made with some of the most beautiful flowers. Traditional looks include roses in all colors as well as orchids in a range of hues. More unique corsages might include gerbera daisies, berries, and other accents. We also have pinned and wrist corsages in various styles, including those that offer a jeweled wristband. Ribbons and other accents

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month in San Diego

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in San Diego and around the country. It’s a time to reflect on those we have lost and support those that are fighting breast cancer. It’s also an opportune time to spread awareness to encourage more proactive behaviors like more mammograms and to help raise money for ongoing research. There are a number of events during the month of October here in San Diego that are focused on raising awareness of breast cancer. We are proud to supply fresh flowers for many of these events and are available to decorate your event as well. We also have a wide array of pink flower arrangements and pink bouquets that make great gift ideas for someone who has fought and won their battle against breast cancer or even someone who may be fighting it right now. It may also be a way to show loved ones you are remembering someone who has lost their fight. Pink has long been the color associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month due to its symbolizing femininity and grace. Here are some great examples of what we can do to help you put breast cancer at the forefront of everyone’s minds

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