memoriala1Beyond flags, fireworks, and streamers, the Fourth of July is a reminder of our freedom as a nation and as individuals. It is a special holiday that is often celebrated with parades, parties, and picnics. This makes it a great opportunity to use flowers as part of the decorations and enjoy the natural beauty all around us.

Decorating with Flowers

The beauty of flowers is that they often can become the decorations thanks to their colorful and patriotic color palette. This includes many flowers in red and white, including roses, carnations, lilies, daisies and tulips. Flowers can also be dyed blue to add to the patriotic palette of Fourth of July flower arrangements.memoriala2

Of course, not all flowers have to be red, white, and blue to befit an Independence Day bash. You can use vases and ribbons in red, white, and blue as well as add pinwheels or miniature firework rockets or stars on sticks within the patriotic flower arrangements.

Flowers for All Types of Fourth of July Celebrations

There are many places to add flowers on the Fourth of July:FB valentines 2

  • Party centerpieces;
  • Picnic table displays;
  • Flower garlands;
  • Hanging baskets on streets or porches;
  • Wreaths and standing displays for cemeteries; and
  • Float decorations.

Fourth of July Flower Care

Of course, Fourth of July is one of the hottest times of the year even here in San Diego. Therefore, you want to make sure that your flower arrangements for Fourth of July can withstand the heat, sunlight, and humidity.

Before the event, keep the flowers in a cool, dark place or at least out of direct sunlight. Make sure the flowers also receive enough fresh water and flower food to keep them nourished so they can look their freshest when on display.Hanukkah2

During the event, you can use spray bottles of water or misters to keep them feeling happy in the heat and sunshine. This will provide refreshment for them to last throughout the day in what could be direct sunlight.