tulip4With tulip season in full swing, our San Diego flower shops have a wide range of tulips that help you decorate your home. As a versatile flower, tulips fit in every room of the house and come in an array of colors so that you can use this flower to complement all styles and décor.

Tulip Colors

Add color to a room with our tulip collection, which comes in bright hues like purple, red, orange and yellow. Or, to add an air of sophistication to a monochromatic room, we have snow white tulips to add to the elegant look. tulip3

Tulip Containers

Because tulips are so flexible, you can leave them tall and bunch them together in tall containers, lay them flat in a bowl of water with candles, or use mid-size containers to group them together. They look pretty in glass, ceramic, basket and wire containers because their unique look blends well with all types of styles.

Add other features to the containers, such as river rock, willow, glass beads and leaves or even sliced limes or lemons to add further interest to the tulip display. Vases and containers can also be tied with ribbon or raffia to match the room’s décor and complement the tulip colors.employee4

Coordinating Flowers

Tulips also show well when arranged with other types of flowers, including roses and hydrangea. Using tulips with an array of other flowers creates depth and texture to flower arrangements that are used on tables throughout the home. 

Our Selection of Tulips is On Sale!tulip2

To celebrate the extensive amount of tulips we have from our Holland flower farm partners, tulips are now on sale while supplies last. Order online or visit any of our San Diego shops to get your tulips now to give as gifts or to decorate your own home. Get your tulips today while they are still available!

Also remember that tulips make great gifts for loved ones for all occasions. We offer many unique tulip arrangements as well as the opportunity to custom create a tulip arrangement when you come into our San Diego flower shops and work with our amazing floral design teams.