Celebrate Your Boss on Boss’s Day This October 16th

Even the boss deserves a day to themselves where all staff and employees can show their appreciation for the boss’s hard work, direction and guidance, and inspiration. Motivation goes both ways, and this is the time to help keep your boss motivated through all the challenges and issues that arise throughout the year. We are including a brief explanation of Boss’s Day, but most of this blog post offers up some gift ideas if you are not sure what to get your boss this year. How Boss’s Day Got Started Boss’s Day was the idea of Patricia Bays Haroski. Her goal was to establish a day to recognize the hard work that her boss and all other bosses do. She selected October 16th as the day because this was her father’s birthday. She first petitioned this day in 1958, but it did not become recognized as an official holiday until 1962. Now, it is celebrated in various countries around the world in addition to throughout the United States. San Diego Boss’s Day Gift Ideas Even though you work with your boss on a daily basis, you may still be struggling with what might be the most appropriate gift. If you