Saturday, October 26th is Make a Difference Day

This weekend, a special day is coming up focused on giving back to the community through volunteer work and charitable contributions. Make a Difference Day was created as a national event to promote volunteer work and community assistance. Our blog post this week highlights some local San Diego Make a Difference Day events where you can get involved as well as provides information on our own efforts to be involved in the local San Diego community and help raise money for San Diego organizations. Make a Difference Day Events in San Diego Throughout San Diego, there are formal events for Make a Difference Day that you can participate in: Food Sorting at Feed America San Diego: This is a way to give back by volunteering with an organization that feeds the local San Diego homeless and hungry. Click on the above link to learn more about this event. Volunteering: This link provides information on a wide array of ways you can volunteer within San Diego County to help those in need. Besides these events, you can be proactive and start something within your own part of the San Diego community by helping out neighbors, organizing a clean-up day, or providing