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Our Design Team Can Help Your Business Bloom!

We offer a wide range of options for supplying regular flowers at your place of business to add that extra special touch to your décor and create a welcoming atmosphere. Your customers or clients will appreciate that you go that extra step to add something beautiful to your store or office. Whether you are a retailer or restaurant, a hotel or inn, or a corporate business, we can bring a touch of flowers throughout your office or store with regularly refreshed flower arrangements. These can be delivered to you on a timeframe that fits your needs and budget, including daily, weekly, or monthly. Here are some examples of the various styles of flower arrangements that are available: Vivacious is a spectacular display of hot pink roses, pastel gerbera daisies, and stargazer lilies in a designer vase. Pacific Breeze is a large flower arrangement that contains roses, lilies, orchids, hydrangea and calla lilies in a massive vase. Rancho Santa Fe Modern is a tropical display of numerous vibrant flowers hand arranged within a tall, tropical leaf-lined vase. Dior Blue is a smaller flower arrangement with crème roses, thistle, blue and white hydrangea and hypericum in a square glass vase. La Jolla

Make Fresh Cut Flowers Last Longer to Brighten Your Personal Space

Flowers bring the beauty of nature indoors and provide an affordable way to change up your décor and brighten a personal space whether it is an apartment or house. Indoor or outdoor spaces can benefit from the addition of fresh cut flowers. And, the better you care for them, the longer these flowers will last as décor. Here are some great tips to follow: Pick a Great Source for Fresh Cut Flowers While there are some cheap online sites for flowers, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies as most of these flowers are not fresh and sometimes are even dead on arrival. Pick a source that you know you can trust for freshness and that guarantees that level of quality whether you come and pick them up or you have them delivered. Starting out with the freshest flowers gives you a better chance of enjoying them for as long as possible.  Feed, Water, and Clean Then it’s up to you to feed, water, and clean them regularly. When you bring them home, you will want to make sure you have flower food that dissolves in the water. This helps nourish the flowers while also reducing

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