March 30th is National Doctor’s Day

A special day is coming up to celebrate that you may not know much about. It’s called National Doctor’s Day and it is celebrated every March 30th in recognition of the contribution that physicians have made for caring for those in physical need. It was first observed on March 30, 1933 in Georgia. The wife of Dr. Charles B. Almond decided that there should be a special day in honor of physicians. The celebration included sending cards of thanks to doctors and placing flowers on the grave sites of those doctors who had died.  In 1958, it was adopted as a special day and it was made into a national special day in 1990. This is a day that you can also take to thank your physician or a doctor who may be a family member or friend as well. It is important to recognize that they have a challenging job and often work tirelessly to help others – whether it is to diagnose a problem, deliver a baby, or even save a life. To help celebrate this special day, we have a wide range of flowers and gifts that you can send to celebrate National Doctors Day. Here are