A Lighthearted Election: It’s Time to Vote and Agree to Disagree

Is it fantasy to believe that a lighthearted presidential election could be at all possible? Perhaps you might think so, but it wasn’t that long ago it seems that people went around having a little more respect for others and their beliefs. Before, it seemed to us that, while we all might have in the end sided with one side or another, most of the time we stood in the middle supporting various parts of each political party. It seems impossible for one side to just go and get everything right. So, yes it is safe to say that a more lighthearted Election Day is very much an achievable effort. We All Have Views It is important to remember that every one of us has our own views and is entitled to our own opinions on all matters and on goings in this country and its politics. Just because someone thinks differently or votes for one party over another, it does not mean they are the ‘enemy’; they are a person too and, just like you, they have their reasons. As we close in on Election Day, chances are you are going to continue to see more and more people