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Celebrating Local, National, and International Talent

Today, Friday, March 3rd, we celebrate talent everywhere with Employee Appreciation Day while next Wednesday, March 8th is International Working Women’s Day. Both days recognize the value that skilled workers everywhere have on businesses of all sizes. With more online businesses popping up, more women and men are becoming masters of their own destiny as freelancers and outsource workers. Whatever arrangement you have with these workers, it’s a good idea to take today and next week to thank them for their great ideas, passion, and hard work. We’ve put together a floral gift guide of stunning flowers from our collection that highlights the various sizes and floral designs you have available to send locally to a team member here in San Diego or across the country and world. Check out these gorgeous gift ideas: Vivid Tulips Bubble Bowl comes with 20 beautiful and fresh tulips direct from Holland. It’s that time of year again to enjoy tulips, and these come in a variety of colors hand-arranged in a bubble bowl. Great Gerberas is another bright floral display with locally grown gerbera daisies in an inspiration vase. La Jolla Sunset celebrates this coastal city with bright colors reminiscent of a sunrise

Gift that Special Employee or Entrepreneur with Flowers in March!

This month, there are two special days dedicated to the hardworking, talented individuals that work as employees or those that run their own businesses as entrepreneurs and small business owners. The first special day is Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 4th while the second one is a global celebration known as International Working Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8th. Both days are an opportune time to share a special gift that reflects your appreciation and support of these tireless workers that are keeping local, national, and global economies moving productively. They are the ones coming up with great ideas and disruptive products and services. They are also putting in the hours to keep businesses going. For that, they deserve a lot of recognition and thanks. When you shop with us, you get the convenience of locations throughout San Diego and a convenient website that offers all types of gift ideas by color, flower variety, and price to help you shop from your computer or smartphone. Here are some ideas to get you started as you seek out something special for these two work-related celebrations held only in March: We have lilacs back in our San Diego flower shops. Two

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Flower and Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day and International Working Women’s Day

This week offers two ways to let those talented people in your life know that you appreciate and value their efforts. First, there is Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, March 6th followed by International Working Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th. These special days honor others and help to motivate and inspire through a positive approach to other people’s contributions to work, life, and society. While it’s nice to tell these special people how great they are, it’s even better to give them something that shows how you feel. To help you celebrate these two special days, here are some floral ideas to get you started on what is available to show your appreciation, including a wide range of styles, colors, sizes, and, of course, prices. La Jolla Elegance comes in a tall glass vase and offers a unique hand arranged variety of white callas, white hydrangea, and green cymbidium orchids. It’s breathtaking! Prestige is a luxurious flower arrangement that includes such premium flowers as tulips, hydrangea, roses, and oncidium orchids. Bronze Calla Lily shines with bold colors as these miniature bronze calla lilies with equisetum stalks are arranged in a square glass vase. Del Mar Sunset offers a stunning

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Employee Appreciation Day is March 7th

On the first Friday of every March, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated, honoring employees all over the world for their skill, talent, and knowledge and recognizing the important role they play in making their company or organization such a success. There are many ways to celebrate this day and make it part of your overall rewards and recognition program to keep employees motivated and satisfied.  While you can plan lunches and incentives, we also have some great ideas for gifts that your employees can enjoy. Flowers We offer an incredible selection of flowers that you can use for Employee Appreciation Day to decorate their offices or to take home and enjoy. To make it even easier, we offer a number of ways to search for the flowers that your employees may enjoy, including by flower type, color, and price. Since Employee Appreciation Day is close to the arrival of spring, we have a wide array of spring favorites arriving now, including lilacs, tulips, and more. Many of our flowers are also on sale right now, including the stunning lilacs we have available from our lilac farm partner in nearby Julian. Plants We also have an extensive collection of green plants

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Secretary’s Day is Wednesday, April 24th! It’s Not Too Late to Order!

Administrative Professional’s Week kicks off today and the main event, Secretary’s Day – also now known as Administrative Professional’s Day – is Wednesday, April 24th. If you have let it slip your mind because it is your admin, virtual assistant, or secretary that keeps it all organized for you, it’s not too late to order a gift or plan some events for the week to let them know just how much you appreciate their help. We’re Ready to Help! All of our locations throughout San Diego are stocking up on special flower arrangements, plants, and gift baskets for administrative professionals, secretaries, and virtual assistants so we can have what you want and hand deliver it the same day within San Diego or around the country. Whether you are located in San Diego, La Jolla, Encinitas or Coronado, Downtown San Diego, or Solana Beach, Allen’s Flowers and Plants has put together some gorgeous flower bouquets, flower arrangements, flowering plants and plants to let your right hand know just how much they mean: The Sunny San Diego arrangement offers a wide range of flowers and greenery displayed in a cube vase, making it perfect for a desk or to take home and

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Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is a special day that recognizes those hard workers and talented individuals that may work for you! That’s right -- March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day. Our blog post offers a bit of background on this day as well as some ideas for showing your staff just how much you appreciate what they do for you! All about Employee Appreciation Day When researching where Employee Appreciation Day got started, there does not seem to be much about it. The only potential link is that of Boss’s Day in which it was decided there needed to be day to celebrate Employees if there was going to be a day devoted to Bosses. Since so many organizations and companies are beginning to realize that employees are everything to their success, more are taking up this day as a way to recognize and reward them in hopes of keeping them! Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day When it comes to celebrating your staff, there are many things you can do with this day, including making it into an entire week of recognition. Here are some great ideas that you can throw together for today or think about for next year: Have a