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Celebrating the Oscars with Luxurious Flower Arrangements

This year, the Oscars are on Sunday, February 26th, which means it’s time to plan your viewing party and think about how you can create a special look and feel that reflects the elegance and glamor of those movie stars you’ll see at the awards show. Whether you want to create custom flower arrangements with our floral design team or you select some of our luxurious flower arrangements, you are sure to add a sophisticated look to your Oscars viewing party with these beauties. Here are some great examples of luxurious flower arrangements that would look great for the big event: California Gold brings together elegance and artisanal beauty with blue and green hydrangeas, roses, and succulents in a burlap-wrapped vase. The Garden Elegance Basket features roses, calla lilies, orchids and other garden flowers in shades of green, pink, and purple. It comes in three sizes. Prestige showcases premium flowers like oncidium orchids, hydrangea, roses, and tulips. It’s a true stunner! Vivacious offers hot pink roses, pastel gerbera daisies, and stargazer lilies in a designer vase. Go with a sophisticated look of all white with Calla Me Crazy, which comes with 20 full-size calla lilies and foliage in a rectangular

February 29th is Leap Day! Celebrate with Flowers!

Leap Year comes once every four years so it’s here this year with Leap Day on Monday, February 29th. Turn it into an excuse to celebrate with flowers! Whether you decorate your home or office or you gift a loved one, make something out of this unique day that only comes along every few years. For example, you could stop into any one of our San Diego flower shops and pick up flower in bulk – 29 stems to be exact – and create Leap Day flower arrangements. Just know that our flowers are so fresh that they will last well beyond this special day and into the month of March! Of course, you can also consider any one or more of our spring collection or other customer favorites like these beauties: Mood Changer offers a bright and cheerful way to celebrate Leap Day with orange mini roses, green cymbidium orchids, hot pink roses and succulents in a leaf-lined glass cylinder vase. Bright as Day also offers a colorful celebration with orange Asiatic lilies, yellow sunflowers, lavender stock, pink roses and dark orange alstromeria. Feel the Love brings brightness in large, fresh roses in shades of pink, orange, and yellow.

Spooky San Diego Events

A lot comes with October -- there is, of course, Halloween and all the spooky fun that brings. Fall is in full season with the breeze and the dead leaves. The days are shorter and the nights longer -- just another great reason to have some great plans for the month. Luckily for those of you in the San Diego area and those looking for a getaway that’s not so far away, San Diego is quite the bustling city with lots of fantastic things to do. Some Great Haunts in San Diego With the celebration of Halloween being just a short couple of weeks away, the annual 29-day event, The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park, is already underway in Balboa Park. This spooky event is being put on by The Haunted Hotel and they are promising a stroll through the world of nightmares. It’s a place where heroes hide in fear of what lurks in the dark and where your guide is your lifeline. You don’t want to get lost in those woods. Thrill seekers, horror buffs, and people just out looking for a good time should be sure to check out The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park this Halloween.

Always Something Going on in Sunny San Diego

Besides our very own Allen's Flowers and Plants having locations all throughout the outstanding city of San Diego, the city itself has so much to offer. Whether a visitor just passing through or a local with nothing to do, today we are going to offer up some great suggestions on fun family orientated things to do while in our fine city. So, if you have time to kill on a weekend or in the evening after work, why not head on out and into town? Don't know what to do? Why don't you continue on reading as we have some great suggestions on what to do with your time in San Diego? Reoccurring Events The Farmers Markets here in San Diego are all over and offer a great place to try some local flavors. In fact, if you plan carefully, you can visit a Farmers Market almost any time of day and at anytime of the week. So, what is a Farmers Market and what do they have to offer? What started originally as a place for produce farmers to sell their crop to the public has become a weekly family attraction that in some places is almost as big

Come and Join in the Festivities: The Annual San Diego County Fair is Back!

The San Diego County Fair is back, opening this past weekend. This year, the fair has picked an out-of-this-world theme – space – and have included all the galactic adventures that come with it. So, bring your family, your friends, or that special someone for fair fun. Whether you're into the concerts, the various thrilling and fun attractions and exhibits, or there just for the very best fair food, chances are that the San Diego Fair will deliver something you are sure to enjoy! Entertainment on the Schedule From rides to animals, exhibits and so much food, not to mention the 2012 Toyota Concert Series, which brings the best music to San Diego, is on the schedule. The 24-day event is jam-packed with all types of entertainment for the family to enjoy!  Home Exhibits and Seminars The Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show features over 50 exhibits with all things green and colorful. There are also seminars for home and garden care to get your home in shape. Be sure to check out the 'Cosmic Spaces' themed home and garden show. A fine art gallery is also one of the many more 'artistic' displays also including a 'Design in Wood' Exhibit.