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Fall Has Arrived in San Diego!

Fall officially begins on Friday, September 22nd. However, we have already been celebrating the new season with the arrival of our fall flowers at all our San Diego flower shop locations. Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. While we enjoy the summer season, it's nice to start feeling a change in the weather and seeing the leaves change. These colors also are reflected in our fall flower collection, including many bold colors and unique textures. Many of these fall colors are perfect to decorate for the upcoming fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. These fall flowers may also be part of special occasions like birthdays and fall weddings. To get you ready for the fall season, here are some of the beautiful fall flower arrangements and fall bouquets we have for you on our website and in our San Diego flower shops: GARDEN SUNSET This fall floral display includes sunflowers, roses, Peruvian lilies, and seasonal fillers hand-arranged in a glass vase. There are two sizes to choose from for your gift or decor selection. SUNFLOWER LOVERS BOUQUET Made for those who adore sunflowers, this special fall arrangement includes a unique mix of flowers like sunflowers, hot pink

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Celebrating the Arrival of Autumn with Our Fall Flower Collection

 Autumn officially arrives on September 22nd and that brings with it a change in seasons, temperatures, light and mood. There are holidays to look forward to like Halloween and Thanksgiving plus new colors and textures to decorate your home. We’re excited to offer our new fall flower collection as well that includes new floral designs and ways to share autumn with others as a gift or even for yourself. Check out these cool fall flower arrangements: Bowl Full of Fall offers a burst of color in an array of flower varieties. You can choose three sizes to create different looks throughout your home or to gift someone with. San Diego Fall also comes in three sizes and offers a selection of the best and brightest colors for fall. Mood For Autumn includes orange roses, cymbidium orchids, yellow mini roses and succulent cuts in a leaf-lined glass cylinder. Fall Grandeur includes hydrangea, roses, orchids and more in a glass pedestal vase, offering one of our most elegant flower arrangements. Fall for San Diego offers lilies, sunflowers, roses, daisy poms, dried oak leaves and more. The flowers are hand arranged and placed in a glass vase that has been tied with raffia.

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Fall is in the Air and Our San Diego Flower Shops

It’s that time of year to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, or autumn as some people call it. This is when the weather here in San Diego stays mostly sunny but offers slightly lower morning temps. With it comes stunning new colors and reminders of a new harvest season. That means the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving are also on their way. Along with it, there are special celebrations to commemorate as well as events like fall weddings that could all use fall flowers to add that special look. Our fall flower collection has arrived in each of our San Diego flower shop locations. To give you a taste of what we have on offer, here are some of the highlights: Bright as Day is a fall collection of lilies, sunflowers, and fall roses in shades of orange, yellow, lavender and pink in a handcrafted vase. Del Mar Sunset is a bold array of roses, lilies, and hydrangea in a leaf-lined glass vase. Picnic at the Beach contains peach spray roses, sunflowers, miniature green hydrangea, purple stock and hot pink matsumoto asters in a wicker basket. The Sunflower Lovers Bouquet has hot pink roses, sunflowers, gypsy

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Fall Brings Beautiful Flowers and Plants

The official start of the fall season is September 23rd, but fall flowers have already arrived in our San Diego flower shops. They are waiting for you to take them home, send them to loved ones, or display them at an upcoming fall wedding or fall event. We are excited to share these favorite fall flowers as part of our fall flower collection or as individual purchases of fall flower varieties like sunflowers—always a big seller in all our San Diego flower shop locations. Some of the beautiful fall flower arrangements we have include the following: BRIGHT AS DAY This flower arrangement is a great way to celebrate the fall season. It features a colorful combination of orange Asiatic lilies, dark orange alstromeria, bright sunflowers, pink roses and lavender stock. It is hand arranged and hand delivered in a beautifully crafted vase. DEL MAR SUNSET This modern fall flower arrangement features roses, tulips, lilies and hydrangea in a leaf lined glass vase. SUNFLOWER FUN This flower arrangement has a dozen vibrant yellow sunflowers that are accented with delicately folded aspidistra leaves and arranged in a clear glass vase GARDEN SUNSET This is a garden-style flower arrangement of sunflowers, roses, Peruvian

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Autumn has Arrived Along with a Bountiful Fall Flower Selection

Summer is already gone and autumn has arrived – on September 22nd to be precise. And, we were already for the changing of the seasons by stocking up on fall flowers, fall flower arrangements, and fall plants. We’d like to share some of our newest fall flower arrangements. More are currently in the works thanks to our exceptional floral design team located at each of our San Diego flower shop locations. The Latest and Greatest Fall Flower Arrangements We love showing off our floral designs, so here are a few of our newest fall flower designs and autumn flower arrangements: Autumn Nights: This is a bold, yet crisp, floral arrangement that reflects the changing temperatures and colors of the season. It features orange and red roses along with Asiatic lilies and oak leaves in a sleek glass vase. Fall for San Diego: This fall flower arrangement provides a great overview of the abundance that fall brings in the form of flowers, including roses, sunflowers, lilies, daisy poms and dried oak leaves, which are hand arranged and placed in a glass vase that is tied with raffia. Fall Luxury: To be luxurious does not always require a grand size as this

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Fall is Here: Great Ways to Enjoy the Season

Fall began on September 23, 2012 and changes are already noticeable. The temperature is starting to drop and the leaves show signs that they are changing color. Autumn is a beautiful time of the year and arguably the perfect time of the year to be outside whether it is for a football game or just a walk or bicycle ride. We are going to talk about fall traditions today, and these are not the normal ‘holiday’ traditions that everyone does, but something more intimate and meant to be a tradition for your family. In this blog, we are going to discuss some great ideas for celebrating fall and some even better giftideas for the countless birthdays and couple holidays that are coming your way. Celebrating the Fall Season Fall still means that you can enjoy the woods, park, the local fishing spot and, of course, the backyard for games and maybe even a cookout or two. So what else can you do with your family to celebrate the beauty of the changing seasons? A picnic, of course! Sure everyone does them and it isn’t all that unique, but just think about how you can take them to a favorite spot

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