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Celebrate National Smile Week In San Diego

The second week of August has been designated as National Smile Week, which is a way to encourage a positive outlook to help everyone around us feel great about themselves. When you smile, science has found that it helps lower your blood pressure and alleviate stress and anxiety. So, if you can make others smile, you are helping them to be healthier and happier. At our San Diego flower shops, we have some great flower arrangements to choose from that are guaranteed to make your recipient smile. Here are some great ideas to gift others during National Smile Week: Suns and Seeds is a new flower arrangement that offers California sunflowers and other garden flowers arranged together with some sunflower seed packets. Mood Changer is sure to bring a smile with hot pink roses, green cymbidium orchids, orange mini roses and succulent cuts. These are arranged in a leaf-lined glass cylinder. Special Someone offers pink roses, spray roses, and gerbera daisies along with red gerberas and ranunculus arranged pave style in a leaf-lined glass vase. Garden Sunset includes sunflowers, Peruvian lilies, roses, and summer fillers in a glass vase. We offer two sizes for this summer flower arrangement. Garden Beauty

Green is the New Black: Going Green with Plants

With people’s concerns about global pollution and the climate change problems, it is pretty easy to understand why so many are going green. They even sell shoes made from recycled materials while others are looking to add solar and reduce their carbon footprint in as many ways as possible. We will let you decide, but whether it is or is not, being even a little environmentally courteous can not only help you, but it will also help others. You don’t have to drive a Prius and go to rallies to save the ear th. Through just a few simple changes, you can leave behind a much more environmentally courteous footprint. Potted Plants Like the title suggests, owning potted plants are a great way to help the environment; especially your immediate one. Plants of all kinds give off oxygen and, according to numerous studies, also clean the air a help people in a variety of ways. If you work in a stuffy cubicle or just want to help freshen up at home, one or two potted plants can really help improve your quality of living. Don’t stop there though -- potted plants make great gifts too and they can be truly

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