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Breast Cancer Awareness Month in San Diego

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in San Diego and around the country. It’s a time to reflect on those we have lost and support those that are fighting breast cancer. It’s also an opportune time to spread awareness to encourage more proactive behaviors like more mammograms and to help raise money for ongoing research. There are a number of events during the month of October here in San Diego that are focused on raising awareness of breast cancer. We are proud to supply fresh flowers for many of these events and are available to decorate your event as well. We also have a wide array of pink flower arrangements and pink bouquets that make great gift ideas for someone who has fought and won their battle against breast cancer or even someone who may be fighting it right now. It may also be a way to show loved ones you are remembering someone who has lost their fight. Pink has long been the color associated with Breast Cancer Awareness Month due to its symbolizing femininity and grace. Here are some great examples of what we can do to help you put breast cancer at the forefront of everyone’s minds

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Send a Gift that Leaves a Lasting Impression

There is a reason flowers are such a popular gift – not only are they beautiful but they have a way of making a lasting impression because they represent nature and are so truly unique, especially in terms of showing someone’s love for a special occasion like a birthday, special event, anniversary, new baby or a just because. One of the favorite things we like to do is create flower arrangements that stand out among all the rest so that recipients know that this was not some group of flowers picked up at the supermarket cooler. Instead, it was made by a team of professional floral designers that added their own flair for design, color combinations, and flower varieties not to mention special containers. We are proud to show off our latest collection of Metropolitan Designs that include many contemporary and stunning flower arrangements that will be a real standout as a gift for others or yourself. Many of these also are great choices for centerpieces for events or even an upcoming wedding. Here are a just few of the Metropolitan Designs that we feel have made a lasting impression on many of our customers and their recipients: La Jolla