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Two Great Reasons to Send Flowers: Kiss and Make-up Day and Just Because Day

There always is a good reason to send flowers, especially during the month of August with so many special days. Remember that is National Romance Month plus August 25-31st is Be Kind to Humankind Week. Additionally, Kiss and Make Up Day is August 25th and Just Because Day is August 27th. All of these special days are intended to provide a positive message to others about how we should all treat each other every day. Whether it is to someone who has had a tough day or is struggling in their lives or you just want to make others smile, flowers definitely do the trick. Check out these stunning gift ideas for these special August days: Cabernet Coast offers premium roses and phalaenopsis orchids along with greenery and seashells. La Costa Purple includes purple tulips, mokara orchids and hydrangea along with roses, spray roses and Asiatic lilies in different hues of pink along with aralia leaves and eucalyptus in a pink jewel vase. Pacific Beach Perfection has orchids, hydrangea, greenery and flowers along with bright cayenne roses. Garden Celebration offers lilies, lisianthus, hydrangea and roses along with stock, larkspur, and spray roses. Extravagance has hydrangea, phalaenopsis orchids, succulents, roses and

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Not Sure What Flowers to Get? We Can Help!

While you may know you want to get flowers for a friend or family member or maybe even a client or colleague, picking the right ones can be the hardest part. However, it doesn’t have to be because your local florist like us, your favorite San Diego flower shop, can help you select the perfect flowers for each occasion. One of the best places to start looking, especially if you want to do it on your own time, is our website. Here, we have done a lot of the work for you to narrow down your choices and make it easier. First, we offer a list on our website of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and more that include recommended flower arrangements that are appropriate for those special days. Within each category there are many styles and prices to choose from to further ease the challenge of finding the right flower arrangement or bouquet. Second, we have a menu category called flowers, which allows you to shop by the type of flower. This helps if you know your loved one likes roses or is enamored with tulips. We show you all the various types of flower arrangements that feature

Determining Which Flowers are Appropriate for Certain Occasions

While flowers are always a matter of personal preference in terms of variety and color, there are some good guides that can help you if you are not sure if a particular flower might be better for certain occasions. Here is a guide plus some examples from our floral design collection available through our online flower shop and all of our San Diego florist locations. Anniversary Focus on colors like pink and red, which represent love and passion. It’s best to stay away from yellow as it represents friendship. Of course, if your love happens to like yellow, then it is okay. Flower choices can include roses, iris, and lilies. Lavish Love featureTop of Forms red roses and spray roses along with pink Asiatic lilies in a stylish glass vase. Birthday This is the time for fun, festive colors that are bright. You can pick the birth flower for the recipient’s birthday month, such as larkspur for July and gladiolus for August or just simply get what you know your loved one enjoys. Happy Birthday Tulips and Balloons features a bright display of tulips in many hues along with a 'Happy Birthday' Mylar balloon. Funeral and Sympathy For funerals, blue,

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Do You Know Your State Flower?

Every state has an official state flower. Do you know what the state flower for California is? Well, it’s our job to know as a California florist. It’s the golden poppy. We put a blog together to share more about this special flower found throughout California. This flower goes by many names: Golden Poppy, California Poppy, or California Golden Poppy. It is a perennial wild flower that is seen on many of California’s rolling hills and grassy or sandy slopes, and it is known for its flaming color. Some have even referred to it as the cup of gold. It’s been our state flower since 1903. Each year, there are special celebrations to celebrate the poppy, including California Poppy Day on April 6th and Poppy Week from May 13-18, with special festivals and events throughout the state as the poppy comes into bloom for the season, typically from February to September each year. The golden poppy is about two to three inches in diameter and comes in various colors, including scarlet, rose, white, terra cotta, bronze and, of course, gold. They typically have four fan-shaped petals and numerous stamens with fern-like leaves on long stalks. Besides California, the poppy is

Plant a Flower Day is March 12th!

One of our favorite celebrations is just around the corner. That’s Plant a Flower Day on March 12th. Being in the flower business, we believe in the importance and value of sustaining our natural resources by continuing to plant so we can always enjoy these beautiful aspects of nature. The day is meant to remind people of the need to keep planting and taking care of flowers by planting flowers in your own garden or by helping out in a community garden. Participating in this day is a great way to help the Earth and give back while also enjoying a fulfilling hobby outdoors in the beautiful San Diego sunshine. We want to make sure that flowers will always be here for us, so that is why we work with flower farmers that are very conscious of what they do in terms of replanting and continually tending to the various flower varieties to make sure they will always be there for future generations to enjoy. If you cannot participate in Plant a Flower Day, you can pick a different day to plant flowers in your garden or even start a garden if you do not yet have one. It’s a