Allen’s Flowers & Plants Helps the Community with the Helping Hands Program

As a long-standing member of the San Diego community, we spend a lot of time and money on giving back to the local area and to those who need help. Now, we are offering a program that helps the community further because it gets each one of our customers involved in making a donation with a simple online form to designate who should get a percentage of each purchase. About Helping Hands and How it Works This fundraising program is easy to use and makes an incredible difference for those in our local San Diego community. With each order made online for flowers, plants, or gifts, a donation can be made by selecting the Helping Hands pull down menu on the order form and simply choosing which organization receives your donation. The fundraising program is available on orders that you make for San Diego delivery as well as for those flowers delivered around the country and even across the globe. Who it Helps The online fundraising program helps a number of San Diego schools, San Diego churches and San Diego non-profit organizations located in La Mesa County and San Diego County. Those that are already enrolled in our Helping Hands