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Celebrating Good Neighbor Day in San Diego on September 28th

September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. Each year, it is held on this date as a way to recognize the importance of forming relationships with those around us. It's good for the human connection as well as for building community and keeping neighborhoods safe and in good shape. Many people have become friends with their neighbors, enjoying cookouts together and events like block parties. Kids grow up and go to school together. It's what ties us together. And, it's more important than ever because we are losing some of that human connection by focusing on online friendships and relationships. Unfortunately, since people move so often and the recession in recent years has led to the loss of homes not to mention many people often commute, getting to know our neighbors doesn't happen as much as it should. This is an opportunity to knock on a neighbor's door and introduce yourself. It might even be good to deliver a small gift so they know how you much you appreciate them -- that they keep an eye on the house while you are away or help keep the area looking nice. Here are some gift ideas for Good Neighbor Day that we

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Send Flowers for National Smile Week

Everyone wants to see that they are loved, so the second week of August, also known as National Smile Week, is the perfect opportunity to tell friends, family, colleagues, and others in your life. One of the ways to do this besides sending a special note or making a personal call is to send flowers. This gift from nature has so much color and beauty that it's easy to break into a smile when you receive a bouquet or flower arrangement. Every time you look at it, sitting on your table or counter, you will smile and think of the person that sent that special gift. Even the person sending it to you is most likely smiling at the prospect that they have added some joy to your life.  Our special flower collections have many bold colors and gorgeous floral designs that offer a way to make anyone smile like these incredible examples: PURPLE PRIDE Cream roses are combined with lisianthus and monte casino asters in a glass vase for a sublime display. LAVISH LOVE Red roses and spray roses, pink Asiatic lilies, and greenery are hand-arranged in a glass vase. CORONADO SUNSET This bright floral display includes roses, sunflowers, hydrangea,

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Celebrate Romance Awareness Month with Gifts from Our Luxury Flower Collection

August is officially known as Romance Awareness Month, which means it's an opportune time to think about how you can inject more romance into your relationship with that special someone and let them know how much they mean to you. While you may have romantic dates and excursions planned, don't forget that a gift of beautiful flowers goes a long way in the romance department.  One way to express this love is with a special floral gift from our luxury flower collection. Here are some highlights that show you how you can amaze your significant other with a gorgeous bouquet or flower arrangement: LAVENDER ROSE GARDEN This stunning arrangement of flowers includes lavender and purple roses that are arranged among specialty greens in a pave style in a clear glass vase. PEONY LUXE Pink peonies are hand arranged with pink roses, garden hydrangea, and other premium summer flowers in a gem-lined glass vase. BOLD & BEAUTIFUL This luxury arrangement of flowers showcases pink roses, stargazer lilies, purple stock and other gorgeous blooms. CALIFORNIA GOLD Blue and green hydrangea are mixed with roses and succulents and then displayed in a burlap wrapped vase. AUTUMN HARVEST This fall flower arrangement offers sunflowers, roses, hydrangea, and

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Great Gifts for Special July Family Days

While every month should really focus on the family, July is a month where numerous special days remind us to think more about those special family members that add so much to our lives. There are four special days to remember in July that are great opportunities for getting gifts as thanks for having them: Parent's Day -- July 23 Cousin's Day -- July 24 Aunt and Uncle Day -- July 26 Father-in-Law Day -- July 30 All of our San Diego flower shops are also great gift shops full of ideas beyond just flowers and plants as well as our website that features many gifts made by local San Diego artisans like these gift ideas: Gift Baskets ALLEN'S SNACK ATTACK CRATE combines sweet and savory snacks in a pave arrangement. It also includes a half-dozen premium roses within the wooden crate that is used to present this special gift. The SWEET TOOTH BASKET is overflowing with all types of candy favorites, including sour varieties and delicious chocolate varieties. The GOURMET FRUIT TRAY delivers fresh fruit that has been accented by a small tropically-inspired fresh flower arrangement with all of it being presented in a tray. Unique Gifts The 12-PIECE WHISKY,

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Make a Difference in Your San Diego Community

There are always opportunities to contribute to your local community and get involved in community events and fundraisers. However, Make a Difference Day on October 21st is a good way to get motivated to stop what you are doing and go help someone else through volunteering or contributing in a financial way. Throughout San Diego, there are events on Make a Difference Day as well as over the coming days after the day like planting trees in Chula Vista or participating in a 5K run where you can give your time or money to better someone else’s lives plus just enhance the community where you live or work. Throughout the course of our existence as a family-owned flower shop in San Diego, we have contributed to charities and participated in numerous events as well as encouraged our customers to do the same. For many years, we have also offered the Helping Hands program, which is an easy way for our customer to get involved and help a local charity with every purchase they make through our online flower shop. The program helps numerous schools, churches, and non-profit organizations in La Mesa County, such as Emerald Middle School PTSA, Solana Highlands

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Gift Ideas for Special Day in October

Besides Halloween, the month of October has a few special days that you will want to plan for. There’s the Sweetest Day on October 15th, Bosses Day on October 16th, and Mother-in-Law Day on October 23rd. Here are some gift ideas we have put together to help you pick out something special whether they are here in San Diego or across the country. Sweetest Day We have a range of sweet floral arrangements that are sure to celebrate this special day. Great Gerberas is a colorful display of gerbera daisies in a range of colors arranged in an inspiration vase. Rainbow Sorbet offers vibrant colors like orange and pink roses, blue and green hydrangea, and hot pink gerbera daisies. Peachy Keen is a stunning flower arrangement with dahlias, gerbera daisies, and other blooms along with greenery accents. Bosses Day Allen’s Snack Attack Crate features both sweet and savory snacks along with a colorful pave arrangement with half a dozen of premium roses within a wooden crate. Mood for Autumn contains orange roses, exotic cymbidium blooms, yellow mini ross, and succulent cuts.  Mother-in-Law Day Show your mother-in-law that you care with any one of these incredible flower arrangements. Symphony has an

Putting Others First on Random Act of Kindness Day

Did you know that there is actually a special day known as Random Act of Kindness Day? It’s on February 17th each year and it serves as a reminder just what kindness can mean for someone else. Not to mention it feels pretty good to know that you made someone else smile with your words or actions. Whether it is someone you know or a complete stranger, take the time this day to focus on kindness for others. Even smiling at others and saying “hello” as you pass or “good morning” is a great way to start. Of course, picking up the coffee for the person behind or in front of you at the coffee shop isn’t a bad idea either. Then, there are flowers. Yes, we believe flowers are a great way to show kindness. Their sublime beauty and the fact that not many people treat themselves to such a beautiful item is the perfect reason to consider a bouquet or flower arrangement for one or more people on Random Act of Kindness Day. You’ll want to check out the arrival of spring flowers, including tulips, which can add a special touch with many pastel and bold color options.

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Kiss and Make-Up Day and Just Because Day – Two Great Reasons to Send Flowers

Two special days are here – Kiss and Make-up Day on August 25th and Just Because Day on August 27th. These days are a great opportunity to make up with a loved one and let them know you are sorry the two of you disagreed while the other is to say you just don’t need a reason to tell someone how special they are to you. While you can send a card or some other gift, one of the best gift ideas is flowers. And, we have the freshest flowers from high-quality domestic and international flower farmers in the San Diego area. To get you started on what you can send, here are some examples of our flower arrangements: Crazy for You combines red roses with stargazer lilies, white snapdragons, and white hydrangea. Lavish Love has red roses and spray roses set amongst pink Asiatic lilies in a glass vase. Feel the Love is bursting with a rainbow of roses, including pink, red, orange, and yellow hues in a clear glass vase. It comes with 12, 18, or 24 roses. Love, Love, Love has one dozen red roses and six miniature white calla lilies and assorted greenery. Special Someone has

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Flowers & Gifts for July Special Days

While you may have your own special days this month, including birthdays or anniversaries, to celebrate, there may be a few more that you didn’t realize come this month. Here are three special days related to family that you may want to consider for a flower arrangement, plant, or gift. Cousin’s Day Celebrate all your cousins on this day. It is celebrated on July 24th and is a way to recognize that special family bond that you have that feels like sisters and brothers but probably without the fights! As special members of the family they are often close in age to you so there is more in common with each other to enjoy holidays or vacations together. Aunt & Uncle Day Celebrate your parents’ siblings on July 26th. They are very often an extra set of parents for you or a mentor to go to when you couldn’t talk to your parents. They are often older around your parents’ age and can provide great advice with their knowledge and experience. Father-in-Law Day Celebrate your bonus dad on July 30th with a special gift of thanks for all that they did to raise your spouse to be a great partner.

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The Proper Gift for a Holiday Host or Holiday Hostess

Chances are this holiday season you will find yourself at a holiday party or two -- maybe more. These parties, whether mature and classy or with endings that mirror a crazy night, had a host or hostess that put a lot of thought and effort into the event. Whether it is a group or individual who slaved away for hours in an attempt to make everything perfect and right at their holiday party, if you have already gone or have yet to go, then be sure to find a way to thank them properly. There are many ways to do this though most typically one brings a gift of sorts to the party for the host or hostess. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we have a few of the perfect gifts in mind. Selecting the Right Gift You don’t want to come off wrong when giving a gift to a host or hostess. For the hostess, the gift should not be intimate but more of something along the lines of casual. We’ve put together a few good host or hostess gift ideas below to make it a bit easier for you: Wine is a fine gift and can be quite

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