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Celebrating National Grandparents’ Day

Sunday, September 10th is National Grandparents' Day. It's a day to recognize those special family members wherever they are in the country and let them know you are thinking about them. Even if they are not here in San Diego, we can help you send a special gift of flowers for Grandparents' Day because we work with florists in our network to deliver flowers throughout the United States. Here are some ideas that are sure to put a smile on your grandparents' faces: SUNFLOWER FUN This arrangement includes one dozen yellow sunflowers along with delicately folded aspidistra leaves. It comes in a clear glass vase. You can also choose to order 18 sunflowers for this flower arrangement. SUNNY SAN DIEGO Although it is compact, this colorful bouquet feels large with the mix of flowers in a cube vase. This includes a combination of summer and fall flower varieties. BRIGHT AS DAY This flower arrangement contains lilies, sunflowers, and roses as well as orange Asiatic lilies, dark orange alstroemeria, and lavender stock.   HEARTS ON FIRE This elegant floral display offers red roses and carnations along with white Asiatic lilies and chrysanthemums in a red glass vase. A SWEETEST BLOOMS BOUQUET

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National Grandparents’ Day is September 11th

This Sunday is National Grandparents’ Day so it’s time to honor those special family members who have always spoiled us and provided good advice to follow based on all their years of living and experience. They love us unconditionally and we do them. However, this is the day to show them with a special gift or, if possible, day together if they are local. Sometimes, there is great geographic distance or just simple a challenge to get them out and about, so one way to make up for this is to send a special gift like a bouquet, a dish garden, or other token that shows them just how much you love them. We have some great gift ideas to share with your for National Grandparents’ Day, including these beautiful new fall flowers: Fall Elegance offers shades of orange, yellow, and bronze in such floral varieties as roses, hydrangea, lilies, gerbera daisies, and more displayed in a clear glass cylinder vase that has been wrapped with a ti leaf. Suns and Roses has sunflowers, roses, and macara orchids for a stunning flower arrangement that is sure to please. Pacific Beach Perfection offers cayenne roses along with hydrangea, orchids, and other

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National Grandparents’ Day is September 13th

Grandparents are to be treasured for many reasons. For many years, they parented and loved you but are now focused on giving your kids as much love and attention as they can. Nowadays, many grandparents are caregivers, watching their grandkids as parents have to work. They provide advice, experience, and love that your kids need to shape them as they grow. For that, they deserve their own special day. On National Grandparents’ Day, which is Sunday, September 13th, it’s a good time to let them know just how much they are also loved and appreciated. We’ve got some great gift ideas that you can pick up in our San Diego flower shops or order from our website: Vivacious features hot pink roses, gerbera daisies in pastel colors, and stargazer lilies in a designer vase. Sunny San Diego is a colorful display of many types of flower varieties in a cube vase. Garden Beauty has hydrangea, spray roses and roses, lavender and orchids, creating a stunning floral display. Del Mar Sunset is a fall flower arrangement with roses, lilies, and hydrangea in a leaf-lined glass vase. Garden Sunset offers sunflowers, Peruvian lilies, roses and many summer flowers in a glass vase.

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Celebrating National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7th

National Grandparents Day is that special day to celebrate those special people that love and spoil you. Although every day is a special day when you have family that love you unconditionally and have the wisdom to provide you with the best advice, it is nice to have a special day of honor set aside for them. This special day is on Sunday, September 7th. Whether you spend time with them, send them a gift, or do both, remember what they add to your life.  How to Celebrate National Grandparents Day There are so many ways that you can celebrate this special day with your grandparents: Take them out for a meal or have them over for dinner. Spend the day out together doing something they enjoy. Help them around their house with repairs, maintenance, or cleaning. Visit with them, talking and listening to their great stories. Call or video chat with them. Give them a gift. Do all of the above! Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day Whether you just can’t be with them on this special day because of the distance or you want to give them something in addition to the other ways you plan to celebrate, check

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Grandparents Day is September 8th

This Sunday is National Grandparents Day on September 8th.  It is a great day to spend with your grandparents or to let them know in some other special way just how much you love and respect them. This blog post provides some background on how Grandparents Day got started and offers up some great ideas to celebrate this special day of honor. Grandparents Day History National Grandparent’s Day was started by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade in 1970 and became a national holiday to be celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor by 1978. The purpose of Grandparents Day has always been about loving and honoring grandparents as well as remembering that they are an excellent source of knowledge, information, and experience for grandchildren. This could not be more true in a day and age when grandparents are often more involved than ever with their grandchildren, helping to serve as a care provider when both parents work. Celebrating Grandparents Day There are many great ways to celebrate Grandparents Day. What you choose to do may involve geography and the preference of your grandparents. However, we have provided a list of ideas here to get you started on your celebration: Take them

Show Appreciation for the Elderly: Celebrate Grandparents Day with Allen’s Flowers and Plants

September 9th is National Grandparents Day, a day where we should all take a moment of our time to celebrate Grandmas and Grandpas everywhere. After all, they are here for us every other day of the year. However, Grandparents Day is not just about our grandparents but the elderly as a whole; in fact, that is where the idea for this holiday came about. History of the Holiday For Marian McQuade though, getting the state and eventually the country to recognize the elderly in a proper way became what some might call a crusade. What started in Marian’s hometown of Oak Hill, West Virginia as a project to educate youth as to the importance of the elderly and all they had done in life then became a three-year crusade for elderly recognition. Boy did it pay off! In 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as ‘National Grandparents Day.’ As you may have suspected, National Grandparents Day is essentially Mother’s or Father’s Day but for thanking and celebrating the elderly and, of course, our own Grandparents. It is actually recognized in various places worldwide but on different days than our own. National Grandparents Day is a

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