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Floral Designs for Holiday Parties in San Diego

Our San Diego flower shops have been busy helping out with all types of holiday parties for those held in homes, offices, and event spaces. And, the holiday parties continue on through the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s festivities, offering many opportunities for us to decorate tables with holiday flower centerpieces as well as other floral décor for buffet tables and more. Here are some ideas that illustrate the various styles, sizes, and prices that you can find when you select us for floral designs for your holiday party: Hanukkah continues until the evening of January 1st. We have many types of Hanukkah flower arrangements to choose from that offer the traditional colors of blue and white. Festival of Lights features blue hydrangea, white spray roses, seeded eucalyptus and greenery in a silver container. Pacific Winter offers blue hydrangea, ivory roses, white tulips, amaryllis and peonies. New Year’s parties can be quite elegant with white flowers. La Jolla Elegance includes white calla lilies and hydrangea with green cymbidium orchids in a tall glass vase. Crystal While Lilies contains 15 Oriental Lilies in a vase. Winter Whites has white hydrangea, calla lilies, and ivory roses in a gold vase. Holiday

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Celebrating Hanukkah in San Diego

Hanukkah started on Wednesday, November 27th at sundown and will continue for eight days and nights as part of the Jewish Festival of Lights, ending on the evening of Thursday, December 5th. Here, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we have a beautiful selection of flowers to set the Hanukkah table or decorate the home for this special celebration. Hanukkah Flower Arrangements Here are some of our special Hanukkah arrangements available at all of our San Diego locations as well as available for order through our online flower shop: Hanukkah Orchids: This stunning arrangement features 10 blue orchids with lily glass hand arranged in a tall gem-filled glass vase. Hanukkah Peonies and Tulips: This is a unique Hanukkah arrangement that is filled with light blue hydrangea as well as white roses, tulips, and peonies in a glass vase. The vase has been decorated with blue glass ornaments and holiday branches. Waves of Blue: Sure to stand out on the Hanukkah table, this floral arrangement has white miniature callas, blue hydrangea, and white hydrangea surrounded by greenery and arranged in a blue contemporary glass cube vase. Beautiful Blue: A dramatic arrangement for Hanukkah, the flowers featured here include blue hydrangea, cream-colored roses,

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Hanukkah Flowers, Plants, Gifts and Traditions

The Hanukkah holiday celebration is here and many families all over the country are gathering in fellowship to celebrate the miracle of the Menorah. This celebration will go on for eight whole days in remembrance of the story of the miracle of the lighting of the Menorah in the Jewish temple. They had found only a small amount of oil, but the Menorah burned on for eight whole days an event that marked the start of Hanukkah. Flowers for Hanukkah Secularly, Hanukkah is compared to Christmas and often gifts are given during the celebration -- sometimes gifts are actually exchanged every single day over the eight day period of the holiday. So this Hanukkah holiday, why not celebrate with the gift of flowers or a gift basket? At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we offer the most vibrant and truly delightful flowers in all of Southern California. We have everything from amazingly colorful and fresh bouquets to some of the most beautifully designed arrangements one could ever dream of. If flowers are not what you are looking for, we also offer a variety of green plants that are so fresh they are alive not to mention that these types of plants

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