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Celebrating Homecoming in San Diego

Homecoming is back again at all San Diego high schools. This is one of those important school memories to make that will last a lifetime. It's fun and a great time to enjoy friendships. Typically a weekend celebration, there is still a lot to do to get ready. While some homecoming dances are formal and require a tuxedo and formal dress, others are semi-formal. Either way, there has to be time spent getting those outfits that are dress to impress. There's also hair to be done and possibly a limo to rent. So many decisions and so little time. That's because there are also homecoming flowers to order, including a corsage and boutonniere. That's where we come to the rescue with our numerous San Diego flower shop locations that offer homecoming flowers for your budget. You can pick up from our San Diego flower shops or have your homecoming flowers delivered. Just be sure to order these as soon as possible as we get very busy during homecoming season. Our homecoming corsages are made with fresh, premium flowers like roses, carnations, and orchids. You can opt for many different available colors. You can also add greenery and other accents like rhinestones

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It’s Homecoming Time in San Diego!

Our San Diego area high schools are ready to welcome back alumni from all previous years as well as celebrate a new school year topped off with a special homecoming dance and football game. This is a memorable occasion for all high school students who get to don their best dresses and finest tuxes as well as crown a homecoming king and queen, win the football game, and enjoy a fun time filled with a parade and other festivities. To help you get ready, consider us your source for homecoming flowers in San Diego. Our San Diego flower shop locations offer all types of corsages, boutonnieres, homecoming court flowers, homecoming dance floral decorations or homecoming flowers for floats. These homecoming flowers are made to match your school colors or coordinate with your homecoming outfits. We have numerous examples of stunning homecoming corsages, including those made with some of the most beautiful flowers. Traditional looks include roses in all colors as well as orchids in a range of hues. More unique corsages might include gerbera daisies, berries, and other accents. We also have pinned and wrist corsages in various styles, including those that offer a jeweled wristband. Ribbons and other accents

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Homecoming in San Diego

With school underway and the fall season here, it’s time to celebrate homecoming with a football game, dance, and the return of alumni to many San Diego high schools. Along with the dress, tux, and limousine, it’s time to start thinking about homecoming flowers, including a corsage and boutonniere that will go well with the outfits plus fit the budget. At all of our San Diego flower shops, we are here to help with many styles, colors, and prices for these types of homecoming flowers that you can order in our stores, by phone, or online. To give you some ideas as you begin to plan, here are some of the many homecoming corsages and boutonnieres that we offer: Corsage White Rose is a triple white rose corsage wristlet that comes in a choice of a black, gold, silver or iridescent ribbon. This same style is also available as a triple red rose corsage. You can also choose the same ribbon designs to go with a Purple Dendrobium Orchid Corsage or a White Dendrobium Orchid Corsage. Each of these homecoming corsage styles has a matching boutonniere, including a white rose, red rose, purple orchid or white orchid. You can also

Homecoming Corsages and Boutonnieres for San Diego Students

It’s that time of year again for homecoming weekend with the big game and a special dance throughout San Diego County at all private high schools and public high schools. Our floral design team at each of our three San Diego flower shop locations can help you design the perfect homecoming corsage and homecoming boutonniere. As San Diego’s favorite florist five years in a row, we are here to help with all types of homecoming flowers, colors, and prices to suit all styles, preferences, and budgets. Plus, if you don’t see something that complements your dress and tuxedo, we can custom create a homecoming corsage or homecoming boutonniere for you. San Diego Homecoming Corsages There is a homecoming corsage for every dress, including traditional roses in a rainbow of colors to more contemporary corsages that include orchids or carnations. Our floral design team also has many types of fasteners that add to the look of the homecoming corsage, including bracelets with rhinestones and ribbons. Besides wrist corsages, you can also have a corsage to pin to your dress if you prefer that style. Always select a homecoming corsage that complements your dress. You don’t want to have a corsage in

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Homecoming Hits San Diego! Time for Corsages and Boutonnieres

Now that school has been underway for a few weeks, it’s time for that long-standing tradition of the Homecoming football game and dance. This is the time of year where new, returning, and past students come together to socialize and celebrate their school spirit. With it comes one of the biggest dances of the year next to Prom at the end of the school year. Girls don their finest dresses and the boys rent a tuxedo for a fun night out. Now that it’s time to order homecoming corsages and homecoming boutonnieres, we wanted to provide a few highlights of what our San Diego flower shops can create as well as offer some hints on how to pick the right corsage and boutonniere. Things to Think about When Picking a Corsage or Boutonniere Whether you are buying one or both, there are some things to think about in order to get the perfect homecoming corsage or homecoming boutonniere: What color is your dress?  It should coordinate with your dress but not necessarily be the same color of it could get blend in too much, especially if it is pinned on your dress and not worn as a wrist corsage. What

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Take Her to the Homecoming Dance

Fall is finally here. Can’t you feel it in the air? There are some obvious changes that indicate fall’s presence like shorter days and the changing colors to the leaves.   Other changes have been that the new season of football has arrived and some of the public’s favorite television shows, too. What else comes with fall though besides a plethora of birthdays and holidays? The Homecoming dance and game, of course! Homecoming Most of you probably have hands-on experience with the events of Homecoming, a school holiday and festival of sorts that often lasts more than just the evening of the dance and game. In fact, many schools celebrate Homecoming ‘week’ as it really does signify the return of students and teachers to the school for hopefully another great year. The main event is obviously the game and, of course, the dance (surely the ladies and gentlemen will argue about which is truly more important). However, the game and the dance are not the only things that go on during Homecoming week. The week is most often a school spirit week and with that each day has a dress up theme from crazy hair to pajamas. Schools will also sometimes

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