International Nurse’s Day and Week

Monday, May 12th is International Nurse’s Day, which part of Nurse’s Week from May 6th to May 12th. This is the time to celebrate and thank all those nurses that take care of us and our loved ones whether they work in hospitals, medical centers, care homes or doctor’s offices. Created by the International Council of Nurses, May 12th was selected for this special event as it was the birth date of the founder of the nursing profession, Florence Nightingale. Each year, there is a new theme created for International Nurse’s Day. This year’s theme for 2014 International Nurse’s Day is “Nurses: A Force for Change.” It’s time to tell that nurse that you know just how thankful you are for their commitment, care, and passion for taking care of others and providing assistance that brings them back to health. Whether it is a colleague, a friend, or family member, you can show your thanks with a flower arrangement, plant, or gift. To give you some ideas that illustrate our wide range of flower and color choices as well as show that we have something for every budget and style, including traditional and metropolitan flower designs, here are some great