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Peonies Have Arrived in Our San Diego Flower Shops

Peonies are a special summer flower that only comes around for a very short time, so now is the time to buy them for a special gift or to decorate your home or office with their magical beauty. These unique flowers are sophisticated and casual at the same time, making them perfect for everything from a formal event flower choice to a special addition to a summer wedding bouquet or wedding reception flower centerpiece.  Our peony collection includes some new floral designs this year to showcase just what a versatile flower they are for all types of bouquets and flower arrangements. Here are some of the highlights from our peony collection available right now in all of our San Diego flower shop locations and through our website: PEONY LUXE This peony flower arrangement contains pink peonies along with pink roses, garden hydrangea, and other summer flowers, which are then arranged in a gem-lined glass vase. SAN DIEGO PEONIES This peony bouquet mixes pink and white peonies with pink calla lilies and green hydrangeas within a white glass vase. PEONIES AND VIBURNUM Five coral and pink peonies are hand-arranged with Viburnum when they are in season or green hydrangea as a replacement. These summer

Peonies are Back for a Limited Time!

It’s that time of year again where we have peonies in stock. Since it’s a very short season, it’s a good excuse to order these gorgeous flowers to decorate your home, add to your upcoming nuptials, or include in a flower arrangement that you are gifting to a special someone.= All About Peonies Peonies are long-life perennials that start to produce a magnificent display of single and double blooms in an array of colors – from white to deep red – in late spring and early summer, depending where you live in the U.S. Peonies also have glossy, dark green leaves that shine all season long. Peonies are a favorite in flower arrangements because their cut flowers can last more than a week if they are cut in full bud.  There are six main types of herbaceous peonies: Single: This peony has a single or double row of broad petals that encircle fertile stamens with carpels visible. Japanese: This peony has a single or double row of broad petals that encircle broadened staminodes that may carry pollen along the edges with carpels visible. Anemone: This peony also has a single or double row of broad petals that encircle narrow incurved