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Houseplant Appreciation Day is January 10th

While flowers often get the most attention, plants deserve their own day of celebration because they also offer beauty plus provide a healthy environment for us whether they are displayed in a home or office. Green plants are also quite diverse just like flowers, with various textures and colors that provide a range of designs and looks to enjoy, enhancing your décor. Celebrate their beauty today on Houseplant Appreciation Day! January 10th has been designated as Houseplant Appreciation Day so give these plants some extra love today or even think about getting some to spruce up your interior. If you are worried that you don’t have the green thumb to keep them alive and thriving, that’s okay! We offer a great plant care guide that breaks down how to cover the basics so plants are happy, including light, water, temperature and food. Here are some highlights from our plant care guide: African violets are a blooming houseplant that likes moderately bright light but not direct exposure to it. Good drainage is important. Keep soil moist and water at a moderate temperature because cold water could lead to leaf spotting. There is fertilizer available specifically for violets so try and use

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Green is the New Black: Going Green with Plants

With people’s concerns about global pollution and the climate change problems, it is pretty easy to understand why so many are going green. They even sell shoes made from recycled materials while others are looking to add solar and reduce their carbon footprint in as many ways as possible. We will let you decide, but whether it is or is not, being even a little environmentally courteous can not only help you, but it will also help others. You don’t have to drive a Prius and go to rallies to save the ear th. Through just a few simple changes, you can leave behind a much more environmentally courteous footprint. Potted Plants Like the title suggests, owning potted plants are a great way to help the environment; especially your immediate one. Plants of all kinds give off oxygen and, according to numerous studies, also clean the air a help people in a variety of ways. If you work in a stuffy cubicle or just want to help freshen up at home, one or two potted plants can really help improve your quality of living. Don’t stop there though -- potted plants make great gifts too and they can be truly

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