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It’s Prom Season in San Diego!

It’s nearly the end of the school year for kids throughout San Diego County, which means seniors are set to enjoy some of the many activities that are planned to finish their school career out in a memorable way. One of those is prom, a dinner, and dance that adds to the festive finish to high school. It means finding a dress, tux, limo and hair and makeup artists to create the perfect prom experience at your San Diego high school. You’ll also need a prom corsage and prom boutonniere that coordinates with your dress and tux. You’ll also need a prom corsage and prom boutonniere that coordinates with your dress and tux. That’s where we come in. Our San Diego flower shops and floral design center provide the best place to come to match your prom attire with gorgeous and unique prom flower designs that can be customized to your style and budget. Our San Diego flower shops and floral design center provide the best place to come to match your prom attire with gorgeous and unique prom flower designs that can be customized to your style and budget. Of course, we also have a prom flower collection where

It’s Time for Prom in San Diego! We Have Corsages and Boutonnieres for You!

As the school year gets closer to the end, some of the year-end festivities are set for the coming weeks, especially for high school juniors and seniors who will be getting ready for the biggest dance of the year: Prom. While you have a lot to think about for prom like dress, tux, limo, hair and makeup, we can definitely help you with one part: Prom flowers. We’ve been helping out local San Diego students for decades look their sharpest for prom, including prom corsages and prom boutonnieres. Our selection of prom flowers is priced for all budgets and offers fresh, unique floral designs that are sure to match all styles and dress designs for prom, including incorporating all the latest trends in prom corsages. Here are some of the highlights from our prom flowers collection: Corsage with roses. We have rose corsages in a number of colors, including white and red. Each prom corsage rose wristlet comes with a number of roses along with your choice of gold, silver, black or iridescent ribbon. Corsage with orchids. Orchids are another favorite prom flower. We have dendrobium orchids in purple or white that adds a sophisticated look to your corsage for

Prom Season in San Diego

It’s that time of year again for prom for all high schools in San Diego County, including Carlsbad, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar, and all other local San Diego communities. During this time, it’s a mad dash to find that perfect dress, great tux, and fun limo not to mention those prom flowers, including the corsage and boutonniere. There’s a lot to do to make this last dance of high school a memorable one for all involved and to create gorgeous pictures for Mom and Dad to cherish. To help you get the perfect prom flowers to match your style and budget, we have a wide array of corsages and boutonnieres to choose from at all of our San Diego flower shops.  Common Prom Flower Questions Here are some answers to some common prom flower questions: Should the corsage match the dress? It is better to select a color that serves as an accent or complimentary color to the dress color. Since more corsages are now being worn on the wrist than pinned on, a contrasting color stands out more. What are big prom flower trends this year? Prom wristlets are in demand, including those with rhinestones, pearls, and jewels.

Prom Flowers, Corsages, and Boutonnieres

As the San Diego school year nearly draws to a close, it’s that time of year again to celebrate with the big dance. As a junior or senior, part of the fun is picking out prom flowers, including a corsage and boutonniere as well as flowers for the hair or a bouquet for that special date. You can select your prom flowers in any of our three San Diego flower shops, call, or order online. You get the convenience of hand delivery to your home on that special day to save you that one extra trip on top of going to the salon, alteration shop, and everywhere else that you need to go on the day of prom. To get you started on what you might want to have that matches or coordinates with your prom dress and tuxedo, here are some examples of what we can create for your special dance: CORSAGE DENDROBIUM PURPLE Enjoy a purple dendrobium orchid corsage wristlet with your choice of black, gold, silver or iridescent ribbon. CORSAGE DENDROBIUM WHITE ORCHID This stunning triple white dendrobium orchid corsage wristlet comes in your choice black, gold, silver or iridescent ribbon. CORSAGE RED ROSE This gorgeous triple

Prom Time in San Diego!

Prom time is here again in San Diego, which means dresses, tuxes, limos and fun! It is that magic memory that most high schoolers enjoy in their junior and senior years of school. With a chance to dress up and work off some steam from a year of hard work, proms often require a lot of time and effort to find the perfect ensemble as well as the flowers to go with it – both corsages and boutonnieres. Our Prom Flower Selection We’re here to get you ready for the prom with a beautiful selection of corsages and boutonnieres in a wide range of colors, styles, and flower varieties. These include roses, orchids, carnations and more along with corsages that have accent features like rhinestones, pearls, and greenery. Many of prom flowers are reflective of the season in terms of spring flowers on-hand. The corsage flower designs also are regularly updated to mirror current prom flower trends or to introduce new styles that can coordinate with today’s fashions. Prom Flower Advice And, when it comes to picking out a corsage or boutonniere, there are not many rules about what works best. However, we do have some recommendations: Go with something

San Diego Proms are Here! Time to Order Corsages and Boutonnieres!

It’s that special time of year again for juniors and seniors at San Diego high schools to celebrate the end of school year and even high school with the biggest dance of the year – prom. While there is a lot to plan for, including dresses, tuxes, and a limo just to name a few – another important aspect of prom is the prom corsage and the prom boutonniere. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we are getting ready at all our locations for prom with a wide selection of prom flowers for all budgets and all preferences, including an array of flowers and add-ons that address this year’s trends. This blog offers a look at some of our special prom corsages and prom boutonnieres that you can consider for this year’s prom. Our Prom Flowers We have some beautiful prom flowers this year that are truly unique alongside our traditional favorites. All of our prom corsages and prom boutonnieres can be “blinged” out with rhinestones, jewels, and other beautiful add-ons – one of this year’s hottest trends. Of course, you can still personalize your prom corsage other ways, including your choice of tie-on ribbons in black, gold, silver or iridescent

Getting Ready for Prom: Bringing Back the Beauty of Flowers

The world may be changing in many ways – how we dress, how we communicate, what we dance to, etc. – but there are some traditions that still carry on. One of these is Prom, that end-of-the-year dance that becomes an excuse to dress up, make memories, and cut loose after a long, hard year of school. And some of the traditions that go with it are still the same. It’s still about fancy gowns and penguin suits. There are limos and parties. And, of course, every gentleman knows there are flowers. That means you must seek out that beautiful arrangement of flowers and, of course, a fresh corsage that compliments her stunning gown. It’s time to impress her and, more importantly, the parents that will most likely be standing there, staring you down and assessing your worth and your intentions. It’s time to make a great impression – and that might even include bringing your date’s mom a rose or small bouquet of flowers. At least, this might buy you some bonus points and maybe even an extra hour on the clock before having to bring her back home.        How to Pick a Prom Corsage Since girls pretty much