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Celebrating the Rose During National Rose Month

June is National Rose Month, paying homage to the most beautiful flower in the world during the month of its peak growing season. It’s a great time to do so also considering there are so many celebrations like weddings, graduations, birthdays and more where roses make the perfect gift. There’s also Red Rose Day on June 6th, which means buying some gorgeous red roses. Here at all of our San Diego flower shop locations, we are overflowing with roses of all colors and, of course, red. Whether your come into one of our San Diego flower shops or you shop our website, you will be amazed at all the ways roses can be showcased. Check out these beautiful examples: Allen’s 12 Premium Roses with Stargazers also comes in quantities of 24 or 36 long-stem red roses. There is also greenery within a clear glass vase. 36 Premium Long Stem Roses offers three-dozen red beauties in a clear vase. These are the very same red roses that were given to Miss America. 100 Roses Arranged gives you a dazzling effect of 100 red roses in a flared glass vase. It’s truly breathtaking! Romance and Roses features red, pink, and fuchsia roses

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June is the Month of Roses

June is National Rose Month while June 12th is Red Rose Day. Both special occasions are a good excuse to enjoy roses for yourself, use them for an event like a wedding or party, give them to a loved one for a birthday or a “just because, or do all of the above. Did you know that roses are not only celebrated for their incredible beauty, but they are also helpful in other ways? Over the centuries, people have used roses for medicinal purposes, beauty regimens, and even for cooking. You can even find rose petals in crazy cocktail concoctions. We are partial to roses at all of our San Diego flower shops and our customers go crazy for them as well. We partner with flower farms in Ecuador that also supply roses to events like the Miss America Pageant. These are known for their beauty, petal count, and long-lasting life. For the month of June and Red Rose Day on June 12th, we have all types of roses to help you celebrate, including an incredible arrangement of 100 red roses! This over-the-top flower arrangement is sure to take someone’s breath away. Another beauty is our La Jolla Romance arrangement

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June is National Rose Month!

June is National Rose Month, so we are celebrating all month long and offering a wide variety and great values so you can, too! Roses are such a wonderful flower for just about any occasion: Wedding bouquets, wedding ceremonies, and wedding receptions Bridal and baby showers Anniversaries and birthdays Graduation and prom Stocked Up with Fresh and Specially Priced Roses We, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, have stocked up all of our San Diego locations with fresh roses in a wide array of colors and types of flower arrangements that feature roses. Our rose selection features white roses, red roses, yellow roses, pink roses and lavender roses. San Diego’s favorite florist also features roses in different sizes to fit any budget – from a half dozen to multiple dozens. Many of our rose arrangements are also on sale for National Rose Month. Here are a few examples of our many rose floral designs: A Sweetest Blooms Bouquet: This flower arrangement features fuchsia roses as well as lilies, daisies, and greenery in a clear vase with a bright ribbon. Romance and Roses: This stunning flower arrangement has 24-inch long-stemmed, pale pink roses along with pink lilies in a tapered glass vase.

Celebrate June as National Rose Month

Every June, we celebrate the beauty of the magnificent rose as part of a month-long holiday. During this month, we celebrate the history and culture behind the flower’s eternal meaning of love. For centuries, that is what the flower has symbolized. Even in ancient Greece, people believed that the flower was connected to Aphrodite.  Napoleon of France’s own wife adored the flower, growing hundreds of variations of the flower. Speaking of France, they were also the first to bring cultivated roses to our country so that we could enjoy it and grow it here. Thanks to them, June as National Rose Month was born. It’s a Month-Long Holiday! When thinking about how to celebrate, it may not be practical to decide to plant a rose once a day for 30 days.  While those of you with a green thumb that may jump at the chance, others may opt for a different way to celebrate. There are many ways you can show appreciation of the rose, starting with just adding a single rose plant or rose bush to your garden. Not everyone has a garden though, so why not consider ordering a fresh cut dozen with a vase to be used

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