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Celebrating the First Day of Spring and International Earth Day

It’s that glorious time of year again where the weather begins to warm and the days extend to be brighter just that much longer. Monday, March 20 Monday, March 20th is the first day of spring as well as serves as International Earth Day. Both holidays are intended to recognize the important role nature plays in our lives and remind us that we need to take care of it. As florists in the San Diego area, we rejoice over these types of special days because there’s no better time to pick up some flowers or plants to recognize the value and beauty nature plays in our lives. Whether you give these as gifts or just simply decorate your home or office, you are bringing a little bit of nature into your life, offering health benefits and providing a beautiful ambiance. Here are some great ideas for how you can celebrate the arrival of spring from our collection of flowers and plants: Mood Changer features green cymbidium orchids, orange mini roses, and hot pink roses along with succulents in a leaf-lined cylinder vase. Pacific Beach Perfection includes hydrangea, orchids, numerous premium flowers and greenery as an accent. Flower Fields of San

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Special Spring Days to Celebrate with Flowers During March

March is a special month because it is the springboard into the spring season as the weather slowly begins to change and more flowers appear. With it comes many special days to celebrate, including Plant a Flower Day on March 12th, which happens to coincide with daylight savings this year, and St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. With it comes our selection of spring flowers, including everyone’s favorite: tulips. Our farm fresh tulips offer a beautiful way to welcome the new season as a special gift for someone else or even to just decorate your own home. Along with tulips, we have other spring flowers that have arrived in our San Diego flower shops. Here’s a preview of some of the special flower arrangements we have on offer for the special spring days in March: Country Chic is a burlap arrangement that features white and green hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, coffee berries, and white tulips. Gaslamp Sensation offers green cymbidium orchids, hot pink and lavender roses, green and pink hydrangea and tulips in a glass cylinder vase. Tulips Together includes three bunches of ten tulips each in red, purple, and yellow that have been tied with bear grass and then displayed

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Create Special Spring Centerpieces for Palm Sunday and Easter

Palm Sunday is March 29th followed a week later by Easter Sunday. This is a special time to reflect on renewal and prepare for new growth during the new season. Flowers serve as a great reminder of this time of renewal and rebirth. They are a beautiful way to decorate your home. One way you can decorate for these two special spring events is to create spring floral centerpieces. Here are some ideas on making some beautiful spring floral centerpieces: Take advantage of all the various types of spring flowers now available as well as utilize greenery or green plants to add depth and interest. Make a row of floral centerpieces in empty eggshells and ceramic egg cups. Use various baskets that you may have around the house to arrange spring flowers. Get creative with your containers, including using a watering can, glass compotes, and various ceramic bowls and dishes. Add Easter motifs like Easter eggs or spring motifs like butterflies to your flower arrangement. There is no hard and fast rules to creating a floral centerpiece. It should just be a reflection of you and your décor so that it enhances the mood and environment during this special spring

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Celebrating the Arrival of Spring with Farm Fresh Flowers

Spring has officially arrived in San Diego and we are enjoying glorious weather throughout the County. What better way to toast the beginning of this season of renewal than to enjoy some spring flowers? Of course, like every season of the year, this spring is also filled with birthdays, anniversaries, and new babies as well as special events like baby showers, bridal showers, spring parties, and spring weddings all of which can be enhanced by spring flowers and the artistry of our floral design teams at each of our San Diego flower shop locations. We’ve got a whole new fresh collection of flower arrangements for you to enjoy this spring, including those with favorite spring flowers like tulips, hydrangea, roses and more. We feature fresh lilacs from nearby Julian as well as other local flowers from our sustainable flower farm partners. We also offer custom spring flower as well as hydrangea plants and other blooming plants, succulent plants, orchid plants, green plants, and Easter gift baskets. Our flower and gift delivery service includes all of the San Diego area as well as the country and world. Order now to take advantage of great prices and to ensure arrival for that

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Fresh Tulips from Holland are Here!

We are excited to announce that Holland tulips have arrived in each of our San Diego flower shops. Not only does this mean that we have a beautiful and very popular addition to our fresh flower varieties, but it also signals that spring is nearly here! To get you in the mood for this warmer season and to help you with upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, get wells, or any other occasion, check out some of these incredible floral designs that incorporate tulips: TULIPS TOGETHER This flower arrangement includes a trio of tender tulips, including three bunches of ten tulips each in shades of red, yellow, and purple. Each group of tulips has been tied with bear grass and hand arranged in a modern rectangular glass vase. VIVID TULIPS BUBBLE BOWL This vivid display of fresh Holland tulips has 20 stems that have been artfully arranged in a bubble bowl. Select your colors of choice. AMAZING TULIPS This incredible arrangement includes 40 or 60 tulips that have been grouped together and offer a range of tulip colors now available. The hand-arranged tulips are then placed in a glass bowl for a dramatic effect. TULIPS IN LOVE Fragrant red roses and delicate tulips

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April brought us some much needed rain to the San Diego area, which also has helped our local flower farmers to have a bumper crop of stunning spring flowers not to mention those international flower farmers we work with that provide some of our store flower favorites. In the spring, there are many things to celebrate. There’s birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, prom, weddings and more just to name a few. This also includes upcoming special occasions like Mother’s Day on May 11th. For this occasion and all the other special moments, we have put together new, stunning flower arrangements and gifts to enjoy the season and show our love for friends and family. Our floral design team at each of our San Diego locations have been hard at work, doing what they love the most – being creative and coming up with some very artistic and stylized flower arrangements. Highlights include a wide array of tulips, roses, orchids, lilies and carnations as well as tropical flowers, greenery and accents, and unique vase and other containers. This year, we have expanded our offering for Mother’s Day with a luxury collection of unique floral designs, exotic and premium flowers, and a generous

First Day of Spring and Proposal Day are Both on March 20th!

Not only is the first day of spring coming up on March 20th, but it is also Proposal Day. Both celebrations call for flowers, and we have a fresh arrival of spring flowers to add to the celebration. Proposal Day First, you may have not heard of Proposal Day, but it is a day intended for making proposals. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is a marriage proposal and that is certainly the most common action to celebrate this day. However, other proposals may be used as well so it could be proposal to be boyfriend and girlfriend or proposal to do something fun. It’s up to you! However, to make it more convincing, you may want to consider picking up a beautiful flower arrangement or spring flower bouquet. This could help seal the deal! Well, some nice jewelry could help too! First Day of Spring With spring just days away, we already have received large shipments of spring flowers from our trusted local, domestic, and international flower farm partners, including tulips, sunflowers, roses, lilacs and more. All of our San Diego flower shop locations are already taking orders for spring weddings, spring events like bridal and baby

Time for Spring Celebrations that Include Flowers and the Wearing of the Green

With March in full swing and the seasons starting to change, that means spring is just around the corner – March 20th to be precise. Along with it comes one of the biggest party days of the year – St. Patrick’s Day, a day celebrated throughout San Diego with the wearing of the green, including Irish pubs in the Gaslamp District and throughout the county. This week’s blog introduces you to some of our spring flower arrangements and gift ideas for St. Patrick’s Day as well as for spring weddings, spring festivities, and spring gifts. Sunflowers for Spring One of the brightest and happiest flowers of spring is the sunflower, and we’ve got a wide range of ways to enjoy the sunflower – on its own and as part of a mixed spring flower arrangement. This includes our Sunny Sunflower arrangement in a glass vase as well as our Sunflower Garden, which features a grand collection of roses, lilies, sunflowers, alstromeria and more along with stunning greenery in a cylinder vase. Spring and Easter Flowers Easter is not too far off. Just a few weeks away, it will be here, so we are already stocking up on some ‘eggciting’ flower

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Spring Flowers at Allen’s Flowers: Time for Tulips!

Winter is coming to an end and spring is rapidly approaching. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants of San Diego, we are busy preparing for the changing seasons. This means stocking our shelves with vibrant spring flowers like one of our personal favorites -- tulips. To herald the warmer weather and brighter days (not that we have many harsh days in San Diego as it is!), our blog post will introduce you to our tulip collection for 2013 and highlight some of the many tulip arrangements and tulip floral designs we have specially marked down. Beautiful Tulips Many of our tulip arrangements are already on sale and some are marked down as much as 30% off, which is a great incentive to decorate your home with the colors of spring as well as share them with your office, friends, and family. There has never been a better time for tulips than during the spring sale at Allen’s Flowers and Plants. Do you know someone with a birthday coming up? Do you need to plan an event like a wedding or a baby shower?  If so, then we absolutely must encourage you to take advantage of our great selection and prices on

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Spring Flower Showcase: Tulips

Spring is well underway with summer just around the corner. This time of year brings beautiful flower choices, including such seasonal favorites as tulips.   One of its best features is that it is available in so many of the brightest colors. And, with such a beautiful form and some that even have a lovely scent, it is no wonder that the tulip is so popular among florists and consumers alike. Our three floral shop locations in San Diego are reporting record orders for tulips this year. All about Tulips The vibrant tulip grows all over the world. In Holland, during the tulip bloom, tourists flock from around the world to see these lovely blooms. But, you may not be familiar with how tulips got their start. The tulip was introduced to the world by an Austrian biologist while the name came from a Turkish word that means turban as their shape somewhat resembles one. These bulbous flowers are associated with the lily family and are considered somewhat of a larger flower with an average of six petals each. There are actually over 100 species of tulips and 3,000 registered varieties that have been catalogued and found from their home in Turkey

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