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Enjoy Locally Grown San Diego Sunflowers

When you buy from Allen’s Flowers and Plants of San Diego, you can be confident that you have the freshest flowers possible. That’s because we have so many incredible flower growers nearby throughout San Diego County, offering a wide array of stunning, high-quality flowers that have been environmentally responsibly grown. Our weather in San Diego makes it the perfect place for many of the flower varieties we carry in our San Diego flower shops. That includes locally grown San Diego sunflowers, a real favorite this time of year as part of the summer and fall seasons. These locally grown sunflowers are long lasting and provide a stunning display as part of a bouquet, flower arrangement, or floral centerpiece at a wedding or event. Here are some of our sunflower arrangements that are currently available with some even currently on sale for a special summer promotion price: SUNFLOWER GARDEN This flower arrangement includes roses, lilies, sunflowers, stock, alstroemeria and more within a cylinder vase. SUNFLOWER LOVERS BOUQUET This romantic flower arrangement features sunflowers, hot pink roses, Gypsy dianthus and solidaster. GARDEN SUNSET This garden style bouquet contains sunflowers, roses, Peruvian lilies, and summer fillers within a glass vase and is available

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Brighten Your Day with Sunflowers

One of the most beautiful summer flowers is the brilliantly designed sunflower. It is often used to depict the sun and symbolizes friendship and was a considered a favorite of the famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh. However, it has also been recently adopted by the ‘green’ movement to represent its environmental ideals. This blog post offers some more interesting information about sunflower as well as features some of our favorite sunflower arrangements created using the highest quality, freshest flowers from local sunflower farms. Interesting Facts about Sunflowers Here are some facts about sunflowers you may not know: The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas. The sunflower turns itself around to face the sun. A sunflower actually consists of 1,000 to 2,000 individual flowers together. What we think of as a sunflower is actually a sunflower head comprised of these thousands of smaller flowers. Sunflowers contain calcium and eleven other minerals. The tallest sunflower recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records was nearly 25 and a half feet tall! Sunflower seeds are a favorite as a raw, cooked, or roasted snack while the oil that is extracted from the seeds are often used for cooking. Our Sunflower Collection Our