The Sweetest Day of the Year

The Sweetest Day is a day about being kind to those less fortunate, being sweet just to be sweet. The Sweetest Day is celebrated the 3rd Saturday of October, but do we really need a designated day to show some kindness? At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we hope that it isn’t the case. After all, we believe that, while a designated day of being sweet is just the right medicine for the world, all of us as a whole should at least try to make a difference and make a stranger smile today or tomorrow and perhaps everyday this year. A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way The Sweetest Day was started in the 1920s, and it was celebrated by the committee who started it that handed out thousands of candies and sweets to those less fortunate. Over the years, it has evolved some into a holiday about giving a little something to those you love in an effort to show them just how much they mean to you. So, this sweetest day or any day really, a little something for someone special can really brighten their days. Because the truth is we never really know how a little kindness