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Teacher Appreciation Week in San Diego

Teachers throughout San Diego work hard every day to help our kids succeed in life, giving them important skills and helping them learn and thrive. It’s that time of year that we officially celebrate everything they do for our kids with National Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs from May 1st to May 5th. During this week, it’s a great idea to give your kids’ teachers something special that shows just what they mean to you and your kids. We have a number of gift ideas that work especially well if you have a team of teachers and administrators to thank. Check out these special gifts for teachers: Scents of San Diego are one of our newest gift collections. SoCal Candles has partnered with our San Diego flower shops to offer an assortment of candles that are hand poured right here in San Diego and feature scents that are inspired by different parts of San Diego County. The large collection features three seven-ounce jars. Chocolate and Candles combines our new candle partners with another San Diego partner, Mission Heights Chocolates. These handmade chocolates are a delicious treat and come with a few candles. You can also just get these delicious gourmet

Celebrating Our San Diego Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s that time of year again to say a huge “thanks!” to all those teachers that are working so tirelessly to make sure our kids learn and enjoy learning. They are with our kids between six and eight hours a day, helping to shape them as people and citizens. We can officially thank them during Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2nd to May 6th and National Teachers Day on Tuesday, May 3rd. To help you get your homework done, we’ve put together a cheat sheet of gift ideas that offers a range of styles and prices to make sure you get an A+ on your teacher gifts this year. Check out these gift ideas for teachers: Mood Changer offers hot pink roses arranged with green cymbidium orchids, orange mini roses, and succulents within a leaf-lined glass cylinder. The Dendrobium Orchid Vase is a real stunner. It contains an orchid plant within a clear triangular vase. Great Gerberas is a bright and festive arrangement of color gerbera daisies in a vase. Bowl Full of Sun Diego is a glass bowl stuffed with sunflowers, offering a nod to summer, which is just around the corner. Phaleonopsis Orchid in Glass Block has up

Toasting San Diego Teachers

Whether it is a preschool teacher, middle school instructor, or college professor, teachers are special people that take on the challenging role of helping all of us learn and get skills, such as reading, writing, and critical thinking, which we will use the rest of our life. They inspire, motivate, and push to get us to be better and open our minds. These unsung heroes need to be thanked every day, but especially so when Teacher Appreciation Day on May 5th and Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-8 come around. Now that those dates are nearly here, you may be wondering what you can get teachers to show how much you appreciate them. Here in San Diego, we have some ideas for local San Diego teachers that you appreciate them: AMAZING CYMBIDIUMS Stunning green cymbidium orchids with three to four spikes per plant are arranged in a stylish ceramic pot, offering a long-lasting way to stay thank you. HEAVEN AND HARMONY Light pink roses and white Asiatic lilies are presented in a clear vase. ZENSATIONAL As a unique presentation, this arrangement includes gorgeous green cymbidium orchids and ti leaves that are arranged within a 19" glass cylinder vase.  ALLEN'S JOY

Gifts for the New Teacher

School is starting and that means new classes and teachers for the kids. It’s always a good idea to establish a good relationship with the new teacher to let them know you are looking forward to working with them throughout the year with your children’s learning as the priority. A gift is a way to let them know you appreciate their hard work, helping to build a relationship from the start of the year. Flowers and plants are both nice gifts for a teacher that they can display in their classroom or take home. We have a wide range of flowers and plants that can be used as a teacher gift. Here are some beautiful options to consider that also represent a wide price range: Vivacious This unique flower arrangement is bound to get high marks from the teacher. It is a bold flower arrangement with hot pink roses, pastel gerbera daisies, and stargazer lilies hand arranged in a designer vase. Sunny San Diego This is a compact flower arrangement that still feels large because of its bold primary colors, including a stunning mix of colors. Cymbidium Sophistication This stunning floral arrangement includes cymbidium orchid sprays arranged in a modern

Back to School! Flower & Gift Ideas for the New Teacher

A new school year has already arrived, which means a new classroom and new teacher for your child. Or, you may have a few new teachers to meet if you have many kids starting the new school year. Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure you start the year off right by letting the new teacher know that you support her or him and look forward to working together for the benefit of your child. We’ve put together some flower and gift ideas for the new teacher that she or he is sure to enjoy and can either display in the classroom or take home to enjoy. Flower Gifts for Teachers Although you may not yet know the teacher and what he or she likes, you can opt for a flower arrangement that is bright, cheerful, and full of favorite flowers. Take the “Sunny San Diego” arrangement, for example. This floral arrangement works for male or female teachers thanks to its array of primary colors and variety of flowers that include lilies and roses as well as beautiful greenery and cool glass cube that fits well in small spaces. A great idea for teachers is a flower

May 7th is National Teacher’s Day in San Diego

You have some homework: Your assignment is to find the perfect gift for your children’s teacher or teachers. That means finding flowers, a card, or special gift that shows just how much you appreciate their efforts, their patience, their knowledge and their passion for teaching kids and helping them on their way to adulthood. May 7th is National Teacher’s Day, which is part of an entire week that recognizes teachers around the United States, including San Diego. This is always the first full week of May, which is May 6-May 10 this year. We’ve put together some ideas for this year’s celebration, including flowers for teachers, plants for teachers, and gifts for teachers that fit all budgets and tastes. Flowers and Gifts for San Diego Teachers We have got a selection of flowers, plants, and gifts that are a great way to show your appreciation for a teacher or a group of teachers. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how you are going to complete your homework: Give a teacher a bright, cheerful flower arrangement with some of the freshest flowers available, including those that may include some of their favorite flowers in their favorite colors.