Enjoy Tropical Flowers This Summer

Tropical flowers add an exotic touch to any celebration, whether it is a gift or an event like a wedding. In the midst of hot and humid weather, now is the time to enjoy tropical flowers like these from our collection: LA JOLLA TROPICS Bottom of Form This arrangement includes towering birds of paradise, yellow oncidium orchids, intriguing heliconia, fred ginger and a creative variety of foliage. This is a true tropical masterpiece that reflects vibrant tropical locations. THE CITY SLICKER This unique floral design can reflect just how important you feel about someone very special because it is truly unique and breathtaking. TROPICAL BLISS Send someone special an authentic taste of the tropics with this vibrantly hued exotic design that contains orchids, birds of paradise, protea, hydrangea, anthurium and more within a vase filled with seashells. ALLEN'S ZEN Go Zen with this tropical arrangement of purple dendrobium orchids, green carnations, dark pink Sweet William, emerald palm leaf and other tropical greens that have been arranged in a square bright green-colored container. DENDROBIUM ORCHID VASE A crystal clear triangular vase sets off these sweet orchids and creates a special look for a special person. RANCHO SANTA FE MODERN This stunning