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Offering Southern California’s Favorite Tulip Arrangements

Next to roses, tulips are one of the most beloved flowers and a true favorite in San Diego with the tulip farms found in nearby Carlsbad. We tend to sell a lot of tulips at all of our San Diego flower shops because our customers love how they look, including the bright colors. They also like that they last quite a long time and that they are easy to care for. We offer a wide selection of tulips in various colors (white, light pink, hot pink, yellow, red, orange and purple just to name a few) and styles of flower arrangements as part of our tulip collection, which is available in our San Diego flower shops as well as online through our online flower shop. Here are some of the beautiful tulips we offer: Amazing Tulips offers four groups of 15 multicolored tulips in vibrant shades. This offers a fresh bouquet of 60 blooms in a vase. It creates a truly stunning effect. Tulips Together features a trio of tulip bunches. Each bunch contains ten tulips and has been tied with bear grass. The three colors include purple, red, and yellow and are displayed together in a rectangular glass vase.

Celebrate the Arrival of Spring with Bright and Pastel Tulips

Spring means the arrival of many types of beloved flowers. However, one of the most loved flowers is the tulip for its unique shape, range of colors, and long life. With the arrival of spring on Sunday, March 20th, this is the perfect opportunity to pick up some tulips to enjoy in your home or office, use for a spring wedding or spring event, or share with someone special on their birthday, anniversary, or arrival of a baby. Of course, tulips are also great for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, International Day of Happiness, and Easter all of which fall in the month of March this year. Whether you order online or by phone or you check out our San Diego flower shop displays, you can enjoy many types of tulips in an array of colors and combinations with other treasured flowers. Here are a few examples: We have tulips in colors like pink, yellow, fiery orange, red, purple and even snow white. You can get tulip arrangements in one color in the quantity of your choice or you can mix the colors up into one stunning floral display. Another option is to create a custom tulip arrangement and combine

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Southern California’s Favorite Tulip Arrangements

Tulips are a real favorite in Southern California, and Allen’s Flowers & Plants has numerous tulip arrangements that make great gifts for any special occasion or as a “just because.” These tulip arrangements also can be used for a wedding or event as well as special décor during the spring and summer seasons. Here is a roundup of our tulip arrangements: Tulips Together is a trio of tulips each bunched by colors that include red, yellow, and purple. Each bunch of tulips has been tied with bear grass and then displayed in a rectangular glass vase. Vivid Tulips Bubble Bowl contains 20 tulips from Holland. You pick the available colors and enjoy this fresh, vivid floral display. Amazing Tulips has four fresh groups of 15 multi-colored tulips, offering up a total of 60 blooms in one special flower arrangement. It’s a truly spectacular way to display tulips. Deluxe Fresh Holland Tulips offers up bright spring colors in a glass vase in available colors. On top of these favorite tulip arrangements, you can also opt to create your own tulip flower arrangement for a gift, décor, floral centerpiece and more by working directly with our floral design team at any of

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Bring Spring Indoors with Holland Tulips

With tulip season in full swing, our San Diego flower shops have a wide range of tulips that help you decorate your home. As a versatile flower, tulips fit in every room of the house and come in an array of colors so that you can use this flower to complement all styles and décor. Tulip Colors Add color to a room with our tulip collection, which comes in bright hues like purple, red, orange and yellow. Or, to add an air of sophistication to a monochromatic room, we have snow white tulips to add to the elegant look.  Tulip Containers Because tulips are so flexible, you can leave them tall and bunch them together in tall containers, lay them flat in a bowl of water with candles, or use mid-size containers to group them together. They look pretty in glass, ceramic, basket and wire containers because their unique look blends well with all types of styles. Add other features to the containers, such as river rock, willow, glass beads and leaves or even sliced limes or lemons to add further interest to the tulip display. Vases and containers can also be tied with ribbon or raffia to match the

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Share the Beauty of Tulips on Plant a Flower Day

As a florist, we not only love flowers, but we also appreciate where they come and recognize the importance of giving back to make sure there are plenty of flowers for future generations. All of our flower farm partners are committed to sustainable farming practices to minimize the use of natural resources and maintain the delicate balance found in our eco-system. Helping Sustain Flowers You can do your part this Thursday, March 12th on Plant a Flower Day. Whether you work in your own garden, planting seeds and planting flowers or you go volunteer in a community garden found throughout San Diego or you go enjoy the blooms at local parks throughout San Diego, take time on this special day to recognize the value of flowers and the responsibility we have to make sure they are here for future generations to enjoy. Send Farm Fresh Tulips on Plant a Flower Day While there are all kinds of flowers that make a great choice for Plant a Flower Day, such as daffodils, roses, orchids, lilies, and more, we’d like to focus on tulips. They’ve just recently arrived in our San Diego flower shops, signaling the start of spring. Our farm fresh

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Fresh Tulips from Holland are Here!

We are excited to announce that Holland tulips have arrived in each of our San Diego flower shops. Not only does this mean that we have a beautiful and very popular addition to our fresh flower varieties, but it also signals that spring is nearly here! To get you in the mood for this warmer season and to help you with upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, get wells, or any other occasion, check out some of these incredible floral designs that incorporate tulips: TULIPS TOGETHER This flower arrangement includes a trio of tender tulips, including three bunches of ten tulips each in shades of red, yellow, and purple. Each group of tulips has been tied with bear grass and hand arranged in a modern rectangular glass vase. VIVID TULIPS BUBBLE BOWL This vivid display of fresh Holland tulips has 20 stems that have been artfully arranged in a bubble bowl. Select your colors of choice. AMAZING TULIPS This incredible arrangement includes 40 or 60 tulips that have been grouped together and offer a range of tulip colors now available. The hand-arranged tulips are then placed in a glass bowl for a dramatic effect. TULIPS IN LOVE Fragrant red roses and delicate tulips

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Spring Flowers at Allen’s Flowers: Time for Tulips!

Winter is coming to an end and spring is rapidly approaching. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants of San Diego, we are busy preparing for the changing seasons. This means stocking our shelves with vibrant spring flowers like one of our personal favorites -- tulips. To herald the warmer weather and brighter days (not that we have many harsh days in San Diego as it is!), our blog post will introduce you to our tulip collection for 2013 and highlight some of the many tulip arrangements and tulip floral designs we have specially marked down. Beautiful Tulips Many of our tulip arrangements are already on sale and some are marked down as much as 30% off, which is a great incentive to decorate your home with the colors of spring as well as share them with your office, friends, and family. There has never been a better time for tulips than during the spring sale at Allen’s Flowers and Plants. Do you know someone with a birthday coming up? Do you need to plan an event like a wedding or a baby shower?  If so, then we absolutely must encourage you to take advantage of our great selection and prices on

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Spring Flower Showcase: Tulips

Spring is well underway with summer just around the corner. This time of year brings beautiful flower choices, including such seasonal favorites as tulips.   One of its best features is that it is available in so many of the brightest colors. And, with such a beautiful form and some that even have a lovely scent, it is no wonder that the tulip is so popular among florists and consumers alike. Our three floral shop locations in San Diego are reporting record orders for tulips this year. All about Tulips The vibrant tulip grows all over the world. In Holland, during the tulip bloom, tourists flock from around the world to see these lovely blooms. But, you may not be familiar with how tulips got their start. The tulip was introduced to the world by an Austrian biologist while the name came from a Turkish word that means turban as their shape somewhat resembles one. These bulbous flowers are associated with the lily family and are considered somewhat of a larger flower with an average of six petals each. There are actually over 100 species of tulips and 3,000 registered varieties that have been catalogued and found from their home in Turkey

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