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Celebrating Poinsettia Day in San Diego

Poinsettia Day is Tuesday, December 12th. It's a great day each year that celebrates this beautiful flowering plant and what the spirit of the holidays represents. Our San Diego flower shops and websites have a wide range of poinsettia plants to choose from in red or white. They also come in various sizes, including height and the number of blooms. These make great gift items for those in your life and can be shipped throughout the country. Even better is that we currently have poinsettia plants on sale for this special upcoming event. This way, you can order more and display them throughout your home and office. Besides ordering them in wicker baskets, you can also have them combined with other beautiful flowers and plants or even create a rustic look by having them displayed in a wood crate. Besides our poinsettia plants for Poinsettia Day and Christmas, you can also place your order online, in our San Diego flower shops, or by phone for any other Christmas decor or gifts for the home, office, or upcoming holiday event.  This includes fresh wreaths and garlands, holiday centerpieces, flower arrangements, bouquets, and custom holiday flowers. You can also enjoy the many

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Making Good Use of Our New Central Design Center on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day was one of our busiest yet in our nearly 40 years of doing business in San Diego. We’ve come a long way from the point where our family was selling roses on the streets of San Diego some 38 years ago. Our family is so proud to see how much we’ve grown and flourished thanks to the loyalty of our customers and their ongoing referrals to their friends, family, and colleagues. We couldn’t do this without you! It’s been a special year already with our opening at Liberty Station. Plus, we opened a central design center that serves as a production and distribution facility. Dubbed “AC/DC” (Allen’s Central Design Center), we were really glad we opened it just before Valentine’s Day because it really helped us satisfy this year’s customer demand. Being the largest provider of flowers in San Diego means we need a lot of space to house and create our one-of-a-kind flower arrangements. We create hundreds of flower arrangements every day. Plus, during the time leading up to and including Valentine’s Day, we did literally thousands of flower arrangements each day. Now, as we recover from Valentine’s Day, we are excited to put our new

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Celebrating the Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashanah, also known as the Jewish New Year, is October 2-4th. This is a special time where we reflect on the year and make goals for the new year to do better on those things we need to improve on and reprioritize for what’s really important. It’s a spiritual time and opportune point to get together with loved ones to share in this reflection and goal setting. We have numerous flowers that are a wonderful way to decorate the home for these Jewish New Year gatherings. Check out these ideas: La Jolla Elegance comes in two sizes and offers a tall glass vase full of white hydrangea and calla lilies as well as green cymbidium orchids. Luxury Roses White offers stunning and lush 24-inch premium long-stemmed white roses in a 10-inch clear glass cylinder. It comes with 48 stems as well as greenery. The Phaleonopsis Orchid in Glass Block is an elegant display with its white blooms and yellow center. The blooms can last up to two months, carrying that feeling of the Jewish New Year through the year. Calla ME Crazy offers 20 full-size calla lilies along with foliage in a glass rectangular vase. Crystal White Lilies has

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News Coverage of Our Mother’s Day Event with Rady Children’s Hospital

As long-standing members of the San Diego community, we constantly look for ways to give back after receiving so much business and support throughout the years we have operated San Diego flower shops. While we do regular community activities like our program that allows you to contribute to local San Diego charities, we often look for other ways to make a positive impact. This past Mother’s Day gave us a great excuse to do something pretty big. Sure, it is our busiest day of the year and, yes, we had a record number of flower arrangements to create and deliver for Mother’s Day. However, our incredible team at all of our San Diego flower shops pulled together to pull of this extraordinary event.  Partnering with Rady Children’s Hospital of San Diego, we delivered 220 brightly colored, cheerful flower arrangements to each patient at the hospital so that they could ‘gift’ their mothers with flowers. Just because they were stuck in a room trying to recover didn’t mean they couldn’t let their Moms know just how special they are. We were excited to be a part of this special opportunity by helping to bring these mothers joy. All of the extraordinary

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Flowers for Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New Year is celebrated from September 24 until September 26th and is known as Rosh Hashanah. Known as the Head of the Year, this special celebration is observed for two days. This time period is known as the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, which provides a connection between mankind and God. Celebrating the New Year The focus during this time is to reflect on this special relationship between God and mankind, including our own personal relationship with Him. Each year is a renewal of that relationship and connection. The observance of Rosh Hashanah includes sounding the shofar, which is the ram’s horn used to announce the coronation of the king and it also calls for repentance from sin. This signals ten days of repentance that then ends with Yom Kippur, known as the Day of Atonement. The horn is blasted 100 times over the course of Rosh Hashanah services as a reminder. Other parts of Rosh Hashanah include eating an apple dipped in honey and many special foods that symbolize the blessings of a New Year. Special prayers are also said along with candle lighting ceremonies. Flowers and Gifts for Rosh Hashanah We have a

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Allen’s Flowers and Plants – Voted Best San Diego Florist by UT Readers, 4th Consecutive Year!

The results for the San Diego Union-Tribune’s annual Best of San Diego Poll are in and we are proud to say that we have topped the list of Best San Diego Florist for the fourth consecutive year! We were honored to be nominated during the May 2013 nomination process and then thrilled to receive the winning votes, which had been cast throughout the month of July. Great Company and Even Better Customers We were among great company with a number of outstanding San Diego florists – nine others, in fact, that were included in this year’s competition. We would like to thank all of our customers at all of our locations for voting for us and reinforcing that our focus on exceptional service, quality, and value meet their expectations. Our goal for all our San Diego locations has always been to give customers the best for their money, including fresh flowers, plants, flowering plants, gifts and gift baskets. We attribute our success in this area with working with local flower growers and premium brands for our San Diego gifts and San Diego gift baskets. Our focus is also on offering the best value whether it is an individual flower order

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Sunday, August 4th is Friendship Day!

Just around the corner is a special day to recognize all the friends in your life. That’s right, there is a special day each year to commemorate them and let them know you appreciate all that they do as your friend. This blog post provides some background on Friendship Day as well as gives you some ideas from our extensive collection of flower arrangements, plants, and gifts that you may want to gift to all your near (and not so near) and dear friends. All about Friendship Day Also known as International Friendship Day and celebrated since 1958 when it was started in Paraguay, this special day is recognized in the United States on the first Sunday in August. It gained interest thanks to the greeting card companies as a way to honor friends. The first time Friendship Day was celebrated in the U.S. was around 1935 although it was introduced a few years earlier by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. Despite being promoted by a card company, Friendship Day is focused on quality time with friends, sharing those moments and traits that led you to become friends in the first place. Gift Ideas for Friendship Day That

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Allen’s Flowers and Plants: Proudly Serving San Diego Neighborhoods for 30 Years

At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we believe in supporting the local flavor, which is why we have been family owned and operated with multiple locations in the San Diego area for thirty years now. We believe in supporting the community and show it by being a part of local events and even have a few blogs detailing them. San Diego is a big place -- it’s a giant city with multiple towns all around it, but even as big as we have grown, San Diego is still a community at heart. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we hope that never changes and intend to continue to sew roots with the fine San Diego community. Family Owned and Operated We are a family owned and operated flower shop that specializes in custom floral design and arrangements. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we know how important it is for our customers to not just feel like another customer, but to feel like family. This is one of the many reasons we have stayed family run over the years. Our family extends beyond the ownership and staff;  we treat our customers as family as they move the most to us and are the

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Some History, Some Fun, and Some Pop Culture: It’s Hot Dog Month!

They say America's favorite pastime is baseball and we can certainly see why. After all, they serve hot dogs there. Everybody (other than vegans who might also consider a vegan hot dog for that matter) loves hotdogs. It's the family fun food for adults and children alike. During the summer it is the most eaten food. Pan fried, boiled and, of course, barbequed, there are many ways to eat them and many more ways to dress them. Ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, salt, pepper and even bacon -- with hotdogs the possibilities are endless, making them the perfect food for any and all summer cookouts. This month, the hot dog is honored the whole month long across the U.S. during hot dog month. A Hot Dog History Everyone’s favorite mystery meat has an origin story and no it's not from a dog’s tail. In reality, the name was thought up by a comic artist in 1901. After finding it difficult to spell 'dachshund Sausage,’ he called them hot dogs instead, and the name stuck.  The Family Favorite The hot dog is loved by many, but many are not sure exactly what’s in a hot dog. In the past, it was scraped

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