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After the Proposal Comes the Planning

Today, March 20th, is National Proposal Day, a day that recognizes all those proposals of marriage out there that involved love, thinking, and a few nerves. Now that the engagement is underway, you are starting to think about what to do for your wedding. While you may need to think about the dress, venue, menu and other details, another huge part of any wedding are the wedding flowers – something that adds to the ambiance and feel plus is deeply symbolic. You will want to tie your own preferences and overall design idea for your wedding together with the flowers you select plus you’ll most likely need to stay on budget. That’s why we have a special team in our San Diego flower shops dedicated to handling weddings, working on a one-on-one basis with brides and their families to put together the best flower choices available for a wedding. Our desire to make this special day as memorable as possible is also the reason why we decided to offer a special wedding flower website separately from our regular flower website. It allows us to deliver regularly updated content, including new wedding flower pictures for our gallery plus more tips and

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Celebrating National Wedding Month in San Diego

February is National Wedding Month, which means it’s time to think about an engagement, wedding, or wedding planning for the upcoming spring and summer wedding season. Recently expanding our locations with a new spot at Liberty Station and opening our distribution and retail locations provide us with even more options to help you plan that perfect wedding. Plus, we have an extensive floral design team that has worked on all types of weddings and events. Our staff also includes numerous coordinators, which means that you can have a dedicated member of our staff who takes care of you throughout the planning process and coordinates all the wedding flowers, delivery, and set-up so you don’t have to worry about any of it. Instead, you can enjoy your special day. Having served the San Diego area for so long, we’ve been able to partner and get to know all the wedding venues throughout San Diego County for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions. That means we have a good understanding of how many flowers you need, what works well, and how it can all work within your budget. Having these long-standing relationships with all the wedding venues means that coordination can

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Summer Wedding Season is Here

With summer just around the corner, we’ve been super busy preparing for numerous weddings throughout the San Diego area. As we work with brides, we are seeing a number of seasonal trends this year that we would like to share with you: Seasonal and rustic woodland bouquets and flower arrangements that include foraged branches, lush ferns, and locally sourced flowers Loosely bundled bouquets that look as they have just been picked from the garden with vines and branches cascading down the sides Glamorous styles with textiles and accessories that add bling to a chic wedding theme Heirloom varieties of old-fashioned flowers like mums and carnations as well as chrysanthemums, zinnias, and English sweet peas Large, long centerpieces in raised compotes or terra cotta vases along King’s tables Color trends like blush, peach-pink, sunset orange, rust and coral as well as darker foliage Heavy use of foliage like leaves, vines, and branches Metallic colors like rose gold Ombre color designs with colors arranged from darkest to lightest in floral bouquet or floral centerpieces Flower walls as photo backdrops Hanging decorations and roof garlands for marquee tents Of course, you don’t have to follow the summer trends and just go with your

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Plan Your Perfect Wedding with the Right Flowers: A Beautiful Wedding

Recently, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we put together an elegant wedding for a lovely couple who hosted their wedding south of the border in Tijuana, Mexico. Our floral specialists strived to arrange the freshest roses, hydrangea, and tulips into splendid bouquets and eye-popping arrangements that were used on the reception tables and as decorations throughout the event. It was a truly elegant white wedding The wedding party was held at a private residence in Mexico, which was decorated by our class act team of floral specialists. They did their very best to take the bride and groom’s vision of a perfect day and turn that into a reality. Thousands of roses were used and then complemented by hundreds of the hydrangea and tulips when creating the ceremony grounds and after party. The best part though is that at Allen’s Flowers and Plants we specialize in bringing couple’s wedding dreams to life and making them a reality. Envision Your Perfect Day Once you have some ideas about how you want your wedding to look, let us turn it into something perfect and meant for just you and your love. At Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we not only specialize in floral

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Wedding Traditions Past and Present

Weddings are looked at by men and women alike as their biggest day -- the day they quit going at the world alone and start a family and take on the world together. And, the biggest day of your life doesn’t just happen. There is the preparation, the wedding itself, the reception and hopefully an open bar. The bride tosses the bouquet and the groom bites the garter and throws it and, of course, they smash cake into each other's faces, which is far more amusing if there is an open bar. These are examples of today's wedding traditions, but from where do they hail? Why do we do what we do and were they done differently before? In a word, yes. The Traditions -- Both New and Old Weddings have been around for a very long time, though way back when you couldn't just marry whoever you loved many weddings were arranged and conducted like business deals to promote both families. That said not all marriages of old were like this and sometimes the proposed marriage candidates did actually fall in love with each other. So, the wedding came, whether they liked it or not and then the after

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Super Star WWE Pro Wrestling Couple Getting Married and Shopping for Flowers at Allen’s Flowers

WWE Pro Wrestler Daniel Bryan and Diva AJ are set to tie the night July 24rd on Raw’s 1,000th episode. Recently, the wrestling couple stopped into the Allen's Flowers & Plants location in downtown San Diego to select their wedding flowers with the help of Allen's owner, Brad Levy and his wedding planning team.   Daniel is a wrestling pro with decades of experience across many continents and often incorporates Japanese and American styles into his fighting technique.  He has won many prizes and established himself within WWE. Diva AJ has also spent many years in the wrestling ring, and the impending nuptials will mean a whole different level of rings for the couple. Allen's Flowers has a great selection of wedding arrangements, and they can also custom design table centerpieces and more so these two high-profile wrestling stars were sure to find something that suited their individual style. Check out the video below as well! Be sure to tune into the 1,000th episode to see what they selected for the big day!

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