Celebrating Yom Kippur: Seeking Atonement

Yom Kippur is a Jewish holiday that is very important in the Hebrew culture. It is a day set aside to seek atonement for sins, and it is often used as a time of reflection and even preparation. Gifts are sometimes given on this holiday as well, but in truth it is a holiday reserved for fasting and spirituality. By tradition though, it actually starts the day before; even though only the day of is referred to as Yom Kippur. History on Traditions Whether you are a devout to the Jewish faith, stepping up to take your heritage and religion more seriously, or just a curious onlooker, there is a lot to learn and take home from Yom Kippur. Referred by some as a holiday and others as just a tradition, this day at its core is about seeking forgiveness and atoning for ones sins; against god and man. So it starts the day before, as the fast begins at sundown it is critical to get morning prayers and afternoon prayers done earlier than usual. Then, when the feast comes, one should only eat easily digested foods that are not salty. These two things will help you to survive the