employee3Today is a special day that recognizes those hard workers and talented individuals that may work for you! That’s right — March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day.

Our blog post offers a bit of background on this day as well as some ideas for showing your staff just how much you appreciate what they do for you!

All about Employee Appreciation Day

When researching where Employee Appreciation Day got started, there does not seem to be much about it. The only potential link is that of Boss’s Day in which it was decided there needed to be day to celebrate Employees if there was going to be a day devoted to Bosses.

Since so many organizations and companies are beginning to realize that employees are everything to their success, more are taking up this day as a way to recognize and reward them in hopes of keeping them!employee4

Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

When it comes to celebrating your staff, there are many things you can do with this day, including making it into an entire week of recognition. Here are some great ideas that you can throw together for today or think about for next year:

  • Have a company party or picnic with a free lunch.
  • Bring in a team of wellness experts to pamper the staff with massages.
  • Offer incentives, prizes, or gifts for all the staff.
  • Give out certificates and plaques for various achievements.
  • Ask staff what they would like to do on their special day (or week!).

Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day Gifts

employee1Gifts are also a great way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Just remember to include a nice note that expresses how much they mean to you! We have a number of ideas that you could consider for your staff:

  • Fresh seasonal bouquets and flower arrangements are a nice way to treat employees, including some of this season’s favorites, such as roses, tulips, orchids and mixed arrangements;
  • Flowering plants, baskets of flowers and plants, and dish gardens are also nice for the office or as a gift to take home and treasure long after the celebrations are done;
  • Fresh green plants are a nice touch as they are known to encourage health and serve as good gifts for those who do not like flowers or may be allergic to them; and
  • Gift baskets of fresh fruit, gourmet food, coffee, spa products or candy as well as brownies, cookies, and chocolates also make a nice touch.

Whatever you decide to do, know that your employees will appreciate that you remembered this day and have made an effort to show them how much they mean to you and the company’s success.employee2