Every June, we celebrate the beauty of the magnificent rose as part of a month-long holiday. During this month, we celebrate the history and culture behind the flower’s eternal meaning of love.

For centuries, that is what the flower has symbolized. Even in ancient Greece, people believed that the flower was connected to Aphrodite.  Napoleon of France’s own wife adored the flower, growing hundreds of variations of the flower. Speaking of France, they were also the first to bring cultivated roses to our country so that we could enjoy it and grow it here. Thanks to them, June as National Rose Month was born.

It’s a Month-Long Holiday!

When thinking about how to celebrate, it may not be practical to decide to plant a rose once a day for 30 days.  While those of you with a green thumb that may jump at the chance, others may opt for a different way to celebrate.

There are many ways you can show appreciation of the rose, starting with just adding a single rose plant or rose bush to your garden. Not everyone has a garden though, so why not consider ordering a fresh cut dozen with a vase to be used as a centerpiece? Not only would that brighten up the place, but the aroma would freshen up any room.

Brightening Others’ Lives

Roses also make excellent gift for the right people, of course. While it might not be best to give your boss a big bouquet of roses for his birthday, a loved one or a close family member would surely adore them, especially if they were to know the reasoning behind the gift. There are so many varieties of roses and ways that they can be expertly arranged that you can give them again and again as a floral gift without it ever looking like the same bouquet twice.

Another idea to share your love of roses during the month of June is to start a local gardening club with other rose lovers. Whether it is started in person or online as part of a social media platform like Pinterest or Facebook, it’s great to find others that like to grow or decorate with roses.

Creating a Child’s Smile

Children also love flowers, and though roses have thorns, you can always cut them off and then share one or two with those little ones in your life. You can also take this time to enjoy some time with them by teaching them about gardening and how to care for a rose plant or rose bush.   

We Love Roses!

While we adore all types of flowers and plants, here, at Allen’s Flowers and Plants, we hold a special place in our heart for roses. We decorate all three of our San Diego locations with roses and even custom create new special floral designs with roses as the focal point. Be sure to contact us to see what we can design for you so you can also celebrate June as National Rose Month!