48Valentine’s Day is coming. Now, you guys might be out there thinking, What’s the rush as it’s practically a month away?

You should probably know that many florists sell out the week of Valentine’s Day and sometimes even earlier than that! Not to mention that all the best date night spots will be booked up weeks in advance. Don’t worry too much though because your friends at Allen’s Flowers and Plants are here to help you plan early!

The Gift Comes First

If you and your significant other have come up with some kind of arrangement and claim you are not exchanging gifts this year.(Saving money is a common excuse), please toss that idea out the window. Here’s why.

vday3Many times people will say that only to wind up purchasing or making a gift in the end and then discover that the other has stuck to the rule. It can be awkward. So getting him or her something special is always a great idea.

Roses are a gift for the ages. They are a timeless classic that never gets old and is always beautiful. At Allen’s Flower Market, our 24-inch stem roses are a great example of this beauty. Our 24-inch line of Premium Assorted Roses is a dazzling take on a classic arrangement.

This floral masterpiece contains an assortment of both red and pink roses that are the colors of love, caring, and all things representing Valentine’s Day. The best part though is that the arrangement is fully changeable to your needs. Want a dozen roses?  Need two dozen? We can do it all and more.

A Perfect Night

Anyone will tell you that, when it comes to going out on a date on Valentine’s Day, you have to make reservations. We recommend the men to pick their love’s favorite fancy restaurant, which can be the place you know she loves to eat most or even someplace you typically wouldn’t go but know she has always wanted to eat at.vday2

Don’t forget to get dressed up to impress so you make it a real special night out! Maybe you will want to get a haircut or pick out a new suit. Your other half may enjoy an early Valentine’s Day gift of a gift card to buy a new outfit or a gift certificate to the salon for a manicure, facial, and massage!

With a beautiful gift of Valentine’s Day flowers, a reservation at the first choice of dining establishments , and your best outfit ready, you are now prepared for a memorable Valentine’s Day!