allensxmas3The holidays are a time of great festivities and whether you go at them alone or with the family and friends doesn’t change the fact that everyone at least to some degree gets into the holiday spirit.

Whether you want to break away into something new or are a slave to the family traditions, it doesn’t matter. When you decorate this year, remember that San Diego’s best florist has you covered for all of your decorating needs, including Christmas flowers, Christmas flowering plants, Christmas centerpieces, and fresh garlands and wreaths.

Decorating on a Budget

Who isn’t decorating on a budget these days? Take a look at our economy and its obvious why couponing has become so popular. Well, we have a few great decorating tips that shouldn’t cost you more than a dime and some time. If you have kids, know that these decorations make great crafts, too.

allensxmas2You may remember popcorn strings from when you were a kid. It involves stringing popcorn on thread like a bead and making what looks like snowflakes on the Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas trees, why not make your own ornaments? With Christmas colored construction paper and some paint, crayons, or markers, you can cut and draw shapes and Christmas pictures to hang on the tree. Kids love it and it adds such a personal touch to your Christmas décor.

You can make wreaths from items around the house, such as recycled fabrics, ties, corks, cards and the like, which means you can make quite a few and place them all around the house while you save the fresh wreath that you get at Allen’s Flowers and Plants for the front door.allensxmas1

Make snowflakes and angels with the kids. You can do this by getting some construction paper and scissors and then just snipping away at the folded papers. Then unfold and check out the awesome designs. You can hang these around the house or on the tree.

Decorating with Allen’s Flowers and Plants

At San Diego’s biggest and best florist, we absolutely adore the holiday season, which is why we have stocked a whole bunch of holiday ‘winter-pieces.’ We have everything from seasonal wreaths and centerpieces to some of the most delightful holiday bouquets and arrangements imaginable.

allensxms4For example, you can dazzle everyone at the dinner table with the Allen’s Celebration table centerpiece. This beautifully arrangement has carnations and evergreens placed around a tall red pillar candle. We also have a wide range of wreaths, garlands, and holiday bouquets not to mention poinsettias and other holiday items, including balloons, cuddly toys, and baskets that add to the holiday décor.