a1While flowers are always a matter of personal preference in terms of variety and color, there are some good guides that can help you if you are not sure if a particular flower might be better for certain occasions. Here is a guide plus some examples from our floral design collection available through our online flower shop and all of our San Diego florist locations.


Focus on colors like pink and red, which represent love and passion. It’s best to stay away from yellow as it represents friendship. Of course, if your love happens to like yellow, then it is okay. Flower choices can include roses, iris, and lilies.a3

Lavish Love featureTop of Forms red roses and spray roses along with pink Asiatic lilies in a stylish glass vase.


This is the time for fun, festive colors that are bright. You can pick the birth flower for the recipient’s birthday month, such as larkspur for July and gladiolus for August or just simply get what you know your loved one enjoys.

Happy Birthday Tulips and Balloons features a bright display of tulips in many hues along with a ‘Happy Birthday’ Mylar balloon.a2

Funeral and Sympathy

For funerals, blue, white, and green represent calmness and peach while orange and red is a way to celebrate life. Some flower choices include chrysanthemums, lilies, and roses. For sympathy, lilies, daisies, and roses are nice.

However, if the sympathy flowers or funeral flowers are for a Jewish recipient, it is best not to give flowers because these are deemed inappropriate.

Loving Lilies and Roses is a beautiful way to send your love and best wishes. It includes crème roses, white Oriental lilies, carnations, eucalyptus and more hand arranged in a container.

Get Well

It’s best to avoid fragrant flowers for the recipient who may not feel better from the scent. Try tulips, marigolds, and green plants, which are cheerful and healthy solutions.a5

The Phaleonopsis Orchid in Glass Block comes with up to nine large blooms that display beautiful yellow centers. Phalaenopsis blooms are known to last up to two months, providing good thoughts for many weeks to come for your loved one.

Thank You

Go with the recipient’s favorite flower and colors. If you don’t know what these are, you can opt for something traditional like carnations, daisies, or lilies.a4

Blushing Rewards has fuchsia roses set amongst pale pink spray roses and clouds of pastel pink hydrangea that have been accented with floral greens. The flower arrangement is elegantly situated in a clear glass vase with a modern shape.



Flowers should not be given as gifts at weddings but instead should just be designed and used by the bride and bridal party.Cyms & Roses